Boosting and Supporting my Favorite Content Creators!! (YouTubers, Bloggers, Podcasts, ect.

Since I am basically incapable of making my own content, why don’t I scream my support for my favorite content creators?

As of right now, I’m coming back to blogging after a burnout, so I thought it would be good for me to start off easy and celebrate other bloggers and content creators for their hard work!

Ever since I’ve taken a little break from blogging, I’ve gotten the opportunity to take a step back and see how hard other bloggers work to keep afloat and to keep producing amazing content on their social medias as well as their blogs. So today, I want to acknowledge and recognize the creators that I support and appreciate!!


bestdressed - YouTube

Ever since I watched her perfectly executed video (that is not a debatable topic) titled “MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE”, I’ve been a loyal watcher of her and her videos since then.

If it wasn’t for her amazing editing style and her open and honest personality, I’m sure that I’d still find something to love about her and her channel because like I said, her videos as well as her style is just captivating.

She’s helped me realized that a lot of things there’s been a stigma behind in society are normal to do and she’s helped me feel confident about myself more. Plus, her work ethic literally always gives me a boost in energy.



MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE (ucla film school)


Linh Truong | Aesthetic people, Aesthetic photography, Photo

I discovered her channel during the summer when I saw a video of her packing her backpack for her senior year and if I’m being completely honest, her aesthetic and her aura (if that makes sense) drew me in.

I really enjoy watching her studio vlogs because for some reason, they just give me a boost of energy to get things done. And plus, her clothing style is simply immaculate.


my five star island tour // animal crossing: new horizons

studio vlog // running my small business, making clay pins + new sketchbook


I’m not even really an artsy kind of person, but for some reason I really enjoy watching her videos..?

Watching her bullet journal setups, her productivity vlogs, and her working on penpals is all so calming to me, especially when I’m busy or feeling a big stressed doing schoolwork, Amanda’s content always puts me in a happy and blissful mood.

The one thing I’ll admit is that she’s gotten me to start getting into art and drawing just for fun, and it’s been really fun for me to do when I have free time or when I don’t want to be on my phone.

I also have a post coming up soon that’s slightly inspired by her, so keep an eye out for that!


I Recreated My Bullet Journal on Animal Crossing

Get Productive with Me | a holiDAY in my life


anything goes podcast with emma chamberlain. in 2020 | Emma chamberlain,  Emma, Emma style

I’m too big into listening to podcasts, but I’ve been trying to get into listening to more of them because I think I’d be able to get a lot of work done and be productive if I had a good podcast instead of music, because I always get distracted by the words in music.

I enjoy listening to her because it just sounds like you’re having a conversation with her because of how informal it is, and I like listening to the advice and the stories she has from her experiences.

I’m very picky with podcasts because I don’t like listening to ones by YouTubers who are just trying to expand their reach because those ones tend to be… boring? But I really enjoy her because it doesn’t have that kind of vibe, which I LOVE.


The Illusion of Money

Starting my Own Company

As you can see I only have one podcast that I listen to, so if you have any suggestions or ones that you love, share them with me please!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve already done a post like this before, so instead of listing bloggers I’ve already said before I’ll be naming new blogs that I’ve started reading recently. So, if you don’t see your blog on here and I have talked about you before, please know that I still love your blog, I just want to give more bloggers a chance to have a little spotlight on my blog!!


Her blog looks like what my blog would look like in a fever dream, and I’m all for it.

The yellow, the sunflowers, it’s all so amazing. Reading her posts through the Reader is an absolute disgrace because you aren’t truly able to see how much effort she has put into making her blog beautiful.

Her wonderful aesthetic aside, her blog posts are so amazing and it’s honestly gotten me out of my little reading slump that I’ve been in ever since I read like 10 books during the course of the summer!!!


Cup of Content, Vol. 2: Notion, Netflix, & Bookish Creator Shout-outs

Tired of Disney’s Live-Action Mulan? Here Are Books By Chinese Authors You Can Read Instead


SaRitzy - YouTube

This one breaks the rules that I just said not too long ago, but I went back on my other posts about supporting bloggers and I realized that I actually haven’t included her in one of these..??

I’ve known her since I started out blogging, and she’s been an amazing friend and an amazing blogger all around. Since I’ve been a blogger, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see her grow and see her content improve tremendously.

Recently, she’s started a magazine and if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you take a look at it, because it’s stunning and beyond anything I’d ever imagine she’d create.

I really hope that you enjoy this post, it was really fun to write, and I haven’t written anything in a while, so it was nice to get back into blogging.

If you have any bloggers or any kind of content creators that you enjoy, please put them in the comments below so we can all support our fellow creators!! Also I have said this about a billion times, but if you have any posts you’d like to see me do, TELL ME!!!

Until next time…

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