I’m Gianna. I’m fifteen years old, and am a spontaneous crazy little blogger on this corner of the Earth. My blog isn’t great or perfect, but I love it.

Pancakes are a breakfast you’ll find me eating in the morning, specifically blueberry pancakes.I have big dreams, but sometimes I can be a pessimist when I feel like I’m cannot succeed, but I’m mostly an optimistic person.


  • Sketching out clothing designs

This is recently a new hobby of mine, but I am not sure that this will stay a hobby-I have a feeling that it’ll grow into something bigger. It’s just been so fun for me to sit down and draw what I’m feeling, in the form of an outfit.

I have a journal chock full of sketches of clothing designs that I’ve personalized for me. Someday, just someday, I’ll hopefully be able to start a business to actually bring these sketches to life for someone to buy and most likely love.

  • Writing

Moving away from the sappy things, I also like to write in general. It’s one of the many reasons that I started a blog, and I intend on keeping my love for writing alive by blogging.

  • Doodling- usually during class-

Yes, I do blog during class. And yes, this is probably a problem, and I should stop doing this. But how? All my best ideas come while I’m in class, and I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is.

  • Leggings

In percentage form, I probably wear legging 97% of the time, and the last 3% is me wearing dresses to go to a party of somewhere fancy of the sort.

I live in the United States, but you’ll find me wishing that I lived in a more foreign and cool kind of country. I’m a teenage blogger at the ripe age of 14, and that might surprise people, but I don’t want it to make people run away from my blog. For a while, I was afraid to tell people about my age in fear that they wouldn’t read my blog. But I don’t think that my age should define me at all, so I hope all my current readers will stay and not ride away in the nearby boats.

And with all that being said, you should now understand that I’m a confident fourteen-year-old who loves to write, is such an interactive yet sometimes is an introvert, is a leggings addict since 2002, and is someone who is so excited to have you read their blog.