what i’ve been doing in may: marvel movies, finals week, end of school year

This has to be at least the third time I’ve come back after disappearing.

I want to apologize because I keep disappearing after months of radio silence. I don’t want to make excuses for myself, but it was such a busy time with the last few weeks of school and finals. Now that school is finally over, I have so much more time to be active in the blogging world!!

I have so many posts to share with you and I am so excited for you to read them. But first, since I’ve been gone for so long, I think it’s only fitting if my first post back is about what I was doing during May.

life/ blogging/school/what am i doing now?


I watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!!

Watching this movie and understanding almost none of the background information is what made me start watching the Marvel movies!! Most of my college friends really enjoy the MCU and so we have been watching a few of the new ones in the theaters when they come out.

I’ve been slowly getting through watching all the movies in the MCU, and it’s actually super interesting!

It probably should’ve been a sign to watch the movies when I was watching the Spiderman movies and not understanding almost all of the context, but what’s a better time than summer when I have nothing much to do?

Another movie I watched was Turning Red!!

There were so many relatable and nostalgic scenes in this movie that I absolutely loved. It was such a cute (slightly cringy) movie that I suggest everyone watches. But I’m not going to say more, because I MIGHT have a post coming soon about it!

FASHION SHOW // I also went to a fashion show, which was such a fun experience! I went to one in the first semester for another club, and so I also went to this one to support my friends who were in the show.

DINNER WITH FRIENDS // We also went to a dinner before finals week as a little goodbye, because we were all leaving on different days and wanted to spend time as a group before we all left. The restaurant had really big portions of food, and I got a pasta.

NAILS // This was the first time I’ve ever gotten my nails done, and they were so pretty. They were so pretty, but they were such a pain to take off, even with acetone.


Unsurprisingly, school was stressful!! I had a lot of assignments and tests to study for in such a little period of time. Even though during finals week I didn’t have any classes, the days still didn’t feel long enough to finish everything I needed to do.

One of my favorite things to do that I suggest to every college student who needs to get work done is to find an empty classroom and spend a few hours or even the entire day doing work and finishing all my assignments.

I could never get work done in my room unless it was a quick and easy assignment, but if it took time, my room was always distracting because I could just start watching something on my phone or lie down on my bed.

But in a classroom, I always knew I had to be productive and get work done, and plus a change of scenery was always good every once in a while.


There’s isn’t much to say about this… because as you know, I did not post for like three months. And as much I know we’d all love to hear my excuses and my reasons as to why I didn’t post, the main thing I want to say now is that I am actually ready to be back into blogging.

Every time I tried to come back, I didn’t know what I wanted to write but I wanted everything I wrote to be perfect. And since then, I’ve realized that all I have to do is write about what I love and about what interests me. It’s that simple, and ever since I’ve understood that I have been writing so much.

But if you have anything you want to see me talk about, please share it with me in the comments. This blog is mine as much as it is yours and I want to create content that be both love and are proud of.

Even though I’m happy that school’s out, I am also kind of really excited for school to come back because it was so fun to have something to do every day. At the same time, I am very happy to be home and be somewhere where I can shower without shoes!!
I have so many shows and movies to catch up on too, so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments! I am always willing to watch new shoes, especially during the summer.

Until next time….

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