Yeah, I’m one of those people. The people who love traveling, get excited over going to the boringest of places, loves packing, overpacks to the maximum, double checks everything.  then adds more stuff, and just so much more. So yeah, that’s me. You have got the right person.

Traveling to me is so fun, you’re able to explore a place that you’ve been or never been before, and see new things. It’s basically like creating a new life, because the people you’ll meet there are definitely not gonna be what you expect.

My passport may not be filled with a lot of stamps from a lot of places, but I really do enjoy the thought of raveling, and hopefully someday I’ll go travel more places, but relish in the experiences of airplane rides or car road trips.

Along with the other things I’ll be posting, this is just an addition. Traveling means something to me, and I want to share that with you all.