Welcome to the blog of girl who’s “name” is Gianna, and who’s zodiac sign is a gemini. But don’t be fooled, even though my exterior may seem as if I am an introvert, I am an introvert-extrovert.

Here, I use this blog to write and let loose my wandering thoughts, and somehow I have managed to create those thoughts into creative posts that you can find here on this blog page.

Continuing on this subject, this blog features many series that I write about.

  • Bookish Book Times | a series where I chat about anything bookish.
  • Gemini Gala | a monthly “party” where I chat about the events of that recent month.
  •  The Awkward Adventures of a Gemini | a bi- weekly newsletter edition


This blog is very open, we talk about a large variety of subjects in our expertise field.

If you’d like to stick around, nobody will stop you, go right ahead!