I love to write, and I love to share that with you all here. It’s really great.

It’s also been improving my writing skills. I am really glad starting this blog, as I see all the opportunities and skills it has given me so far. I am really liking this a lot.

But also, I have started something else on my blog!

I have been writing on this blog for quite a while now, and I am very glad to tell you all that I am starting this creative writing add-on to my blog! This won’t take away any of the normal posts that I usually post on my blog. As I said, they are just add-ons.

I will post holiday writes, which will just be posts that are creative writing directed towards the holidays. I will also post some regular creative writes, which will also be fun to write.

I really think that this will be really fun to do, as well as it will be improving my creative writing skills. I am so excited to be presenting this to you, and I hope that you will like this as well- when I start it of course!