A (short) Recommendation List of HIGHLY Loved Books By Me that You Should Read During this Pandemic!!!

It’s no secret that this world is going through some scary things right now.

This entire pandemic is scary for everyone, but remember that it is very important to stay safe, for your health and the health of others!! Stay inside, stay safe, and stay healthy!!!

And while you are staying inside and being safe, I have some very good books that you can read while social distancing!! And I’m not really an avid reader, so when I tell you I have books that I love that I want to share with you all… they have to be amazing books!

So.. welcome to my book blogging debut!!

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Wikipedia

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (!!!!)

A LONG, LONG while ago I read a post by Lu @ It’s Lu Again,  where she talked about a book she was seriously fangirled over and said nothing but positive things about. And to be completely honest, it took forever for me to actually pick it up because I didn’t think that a book could be that amazing.

But I read it and OMG I’VE NEVER BEEN ATTACHED or INVESTED INTO A BOOK MORE. like seriously.

This book KILLED me and put me back together and has been toying with my emotions from the very beginning. And I don’t even know what to say right now that would describe my love for it… because my words just would not be enough!!

But it doesn’t matter, because Ari and Dante are absolutely amazing and have stolen my heart!!! The book was set over a period of 2 years, so we’re able to see these beautiful boys grow in all aspects and I LOVED that!! And the way it was written was so beautiful and simple and amazing, and you just couldn’t not love it.

ALSO, Dante’s hatred for shoes will forever be my favorite thing. I loved reading about him tossing off his tennis shoes.

Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel

Dear Evan Hansen

To be COMPLETELY honest, I didn’t read the novel… but I read the script!!!

And I read it in less than a day because it was amazing and deserved all of my time!! Like, I read it without knowing any of the background of it, and it managed to represent depression, suicide, and social anxiety very very well. It shined a light on these important topics that real teenagers deal with every single day.

I have friends who deal with these kinds of issues, and reading this would be amazing to them. If they’re into musicals, that is.

Evan was just a boy who didn’t feel like he belonged, and although morbid, creating “The Connor Project” to help people like Connor really helped Evan find himself. Even though he was speaking up for other people, he was also speaking up for himself because Evan was also a person who tended to fade into the background. This helped him learn how to stand out for himself.

And plus, the songs were absolutely AMAZING!!!

Waving Through a Window is iconic and definitely one of my favorites!!

I’m pretty sure I spent the week after reading the script playing the songs over and over because they were beautiful and made me just a mushy and happy person!

The Sun is Also a Star

Important: I read the book BEFORE the movie, which is not something that I usually do!!

But I decided to hold off on watching the movie, and I am very happy I did because I loved reading the book!!! It had the different perspectives from even strangers that kinda gave the story it’s own personality.

When I watch the movie, it will definitely be worth waiting for.


I loved seeing how people affected people. They showed how the perspective of the conductor, when everyone else thought he was crazy. How the driver who almost hit Natasha had a story behind him, so he became more than just a driver. How they shared everyone’s perspective, everyone’s background.  Also hearing about Irene was so interesting to me, because she said absolutely nothing but had so much going on for her. It just reminded me that everyone is going through a situation and everyone has a story even if they don’t show it.

It also talked about a part of life that many immigrants in the world face, and how not many people understand it because it’s not happening to them. This really hit me when Natasha was talking to Mr. Barnes, the lawyer, and he was saying that it all would be okay for her cause he went to Jamaica and it was a “irie” and beautiful, when she knew that what he experienced was just a fantasy and what she would be thrown into was a country she didn’t belong to.

Not everyone understands these situations and these lives that people have, and books like these can give people who don’t understand a perspective. Even if it’s not much, it’s enough if it gets them to SEE it from a person’s who’s facing it.

Also, I appreciated the little things. When Daniel’s father offered Natasha perm for her hair, it made me realize how people think black women of color should conform to society and change who they are to fit in. But we don’t need to change who we are, BLACK HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL AND BIG and should not be changed.

Black hair GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
happiness all around!!

The way it was written and the topics that they chose to talk about were really good and I am glad that I decided to pick the book up!


I hope that you’re managing to stay safe and healthy through this pandemic!! While you are at home, try to get your hands on these books, I’m sure that you will enjoy it!
This is a scary time, but we can all make the best of it by reading these amazing books and staying home!!

Until next time….


10 thoughts on “A (short) Recommendation List of HIGHLY Loved Books By Me that You Should Read During this Pandemic!!!

  1. I’m SO glad that you read Ari & Dante and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Isn’t it just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Whenever I think of this book my brain just shuts down????????? And hearing you talk about DEH makes me want to read it sooooo bad!!!!!
    Lots of love 💗

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  2. I’m SO glad that you read Ari & Dante and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Isn’t it just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Whenever I think of this book my brain just shuts down????????? And hearing you talk about DEH makes me want to read it sooooo bad!!!!!
    Lots of love 💗💗💗💗

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  3. ahh im LOVING all the recent posts recommending books to read during the self isolating, i am ALWAYS looking for books to add to my never ending tbr hehe

    Dear Evan Hansen sounds like the kind of book thats going to destroy me, that is to say, one that i will enjoy very much!! The Sun is Also a Star is a GREAT pick i remember reading it so quickly and having so much fun with the characters and really feeling impacted by the deeper topics. great post and i hope you’re staying safe and healthy too ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s great, I hope you enjoy them!!
      Dear Evan Hansen definitely will destroy you, but it’s so amazing the destruction is worth it!!
      And I agree with you on Sun is Also a Star!! I finished it in less than a week and enjoyed it throughout.
      Thank you so much, stay inside and stay safe!!

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  4. So I’m fairly sure I’m just screaming this at every single soul in the blogosphere atm, but I truly believe that Noughts And Crosses by Mallorie Blackman should be required reading and just ahhh if you haven’t already – it’s a must 😂😍

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  5. i just finished re-reading ari and dante for the fourth time so!! its safe to say its my favourite book of all time and IM In lovE WIth IT!!! i really want to see the dear Evan hansen musical!! also, the sun is also a star is pretty cool and I need to watch the movie!

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