New Year, Better Blog | Part One: How to Be a Better Blogger for the New Year

Oh hi, just me with the first post in my mini series!!!

I am very excited to be able to share this with you all, because this is something that took me a long time to learn and I feel like it’s something that all bloggers should be able to get the “inside-scoop” on, because as much as we all want to become better bloggers, a lot of us barely know how to be a Better Blogger™.

Each year that I’ve been blogging I’ve been always saying that for the new year, I want to gain so many followers, write so many amazing posts, interact with some amazing people- I have always just wanted to be a better blogger.

But I’ve never known where to start, so you better believe me when I say that it’ll be June and I’ll realize that I have in fact not become a Better Blogger™*, and that I’m still slumming it as the same procrastinator that I’ve always been!!

Obviously I am trying my best to improve and become that better blogger! So please ignore the fact that I’m frantically typing this a few hours before it goes up. :)))

So today I wanted to talk about 1) how to become this better blogger that we’re constantly hearing about, 2) and how to keep improving and not to fall down into a messy slump once we’re doing better. I definitely feel like I can bring a unique perspective on this.. seeing as how I am a blogger of 3 years!!

These are based off of experiences and things that I have gone through and seen in my time blogging, so if it doesn’t work for you that is completely okay.

monday (1)

1. Just do it!

If you want something, you have to go after it. You can’t just have this thought that you want something be in your mind all the time, but never actually start.The only way to become better at something is by starting.

Image result for chibird you got this

Even if you’re not good at it at first, even if you might think that it will be horrible and that you won’t do well, you will never know if you don’t actually START. And plus, if you really want it, you will never know if you’re good at it unless you keep trying and keep making mistakes.

How can you get better at blogging if you don’t give yourself the chance to actually try to become better?

2. Don’t give up when it’s hard.

I’m definitely not the first person you should go to about this, because I can definitely remember the times that I have taken a hiatus randomly because school and life and everything was too much for me.

Image result for chibird gif

And that’s completely okay! If things are getting hard and difficult to the point of your breaking point, you definitely should not try to push yourself even more when it’s too much. But when you know that you can handle it, don’t give up. 

Because if you push through the hard times, you just might be able to make it to the good times, and then you definitely will be able to succeed!

3. Don’t hate yourself for not posting.

I think I was absolutely crazy when I first started blogging, because I found it normal to post every single day, and if I didn’t do that, I would feel really bad and want to post an apology explaining why I couldn’t post. And if that isn’t enough, I also wanted to post more to make up for missing one day.

That Gianna did not know what was going to hit her in the future, which was going to be a lot of unannounced hiatuses and long periods of being uninspired!!

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 1.10.40 PM
this was 2016 Gianna, and I was very remorseful and sad about the fact that I went to my younger brother’s birthday party!!

As you can see I was a HORRIBLE writer. 

Life happens, and you should never kick yourself for not being able to focus on your blog. Now obviously, I can’t really tell you to stop feeling bad when you miss a day of posting, because I’ve done that myself and I’ve always felt really bad about it.

But when it does happen, know that it is okay to fall out of line sometimes.

4. Be true to yourself and others.

Don’t change and try to become someone that you’re not, just so people will read your blog. People will love you for you.

Image result for cute youre amazing gif

People keep reading people’s blogs because they love:

  • what that person writes about
  • their personality
  • their pure happiness and excitement about what they’re talking about.
  • they like YOUUUUUU

If you’re trying to be someone else, you’re stripping the world of YOU. You’re not allowing us to get to know who you are, when you’re probably pretty frikin amazing!

5. You need to love this and really want this.

Blogging looks really easy, but it’s not. It takes a lot of work and time and effort to create a blog that you love and are truly proud of. And if you don’t really care about blogging, then it’s going to be even harder.

If you aren’t completely ready to put so much energy and time into a blog, then don’t do it– because you won’t be able to give it all that you’ve got.


I hope that I’ve given you some tips and advice about how to become a better blogger!!!

Do you have any more advice to give to other bloggers? What have you done to try to become a better blogger in the new year? Any resolutions that you have made?

And if you have some advice and tips of your own, I would love to read them!! The more advice, the better!

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “New Year, Better Blog | Part One: How to Be a Better Blogger for the New Year

  1. Such a lovely post! I used to also feel guilty whenever I didn’t post according to my schedule when I first started blogging, but then life got in the way and I realized that it’s just impossible to stick to a schedule sometimes. Can’t wait for the rest of this mini series!

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