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How to Balance Blogging and School • AKA, How to Not Fall Apart | Gianna & Gemini

I think I’ve done this post twice before..?? Welcome to the third installment.

To summarize, in the two posts I previously wrote about on how to balance blogging and school, I never actually mastered how to balance school and blogging?? I’ve just said that I’m “not going to slack off” or that I’ve explained that blogging is really hard.

And while that’s all fine and dandy, I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME.

And you might be a lot hesitant and doubtful when I say that, because I’ve said it a billion times and now it might as well mean literally nothing. But TRUST ME.

monday (1)

Remember what’s more important.

School and other activities (i.e, dance) are also important, and just because you found something else you love, doesn’t mean that you should forget your other responsibilities.

You still attend school and those activities you’ve been doing after-school for all these years, so don’t just slack on one thing to start on something new.

Keep putting school first* and remember that although blogging is amazing, it is a hobby and doesn’t come first.

*please take note of the fact that I am currently writing up this post while i have my summer reading book right next to me.

Make lists or get a planner.

I have a planner, and I am loving it because it has made this blogging and school and everything experience SO MUCH SMOOTHER and easier. 🙂

If I want to see the homework I need to do, check my planner. I want to see the post I am working on today, check my planner. I am a very forgetful person, so I know this’ll work. Unless I don’t write them down.

Basically the planner is a colorful and pretty trash bag that I can shove my life into and hope that it’ll contain that mess.

Plan out posts and have scheduled writing days.

Having specific days for writing is absolutely perfect, because you know that you have a certain amount of days to finish it.

What I like to do is give myself a week to write a post, because I know I won’t finish it in 3 days or less. And then throughout that week, I have enough time and freedom to get it done. And if I don’t finish it, then I know I was probably procrastinating.

Mostly I like to write on the weekends, because I’m always busy on the weekdays and I don’t really like to pile on more things to an already busy week.

Have a list of post ideas (that you’d enjoy writing) written down in advance.

Write down a few ideas that you get when you’re inspired, and don’t use them right away, but keep them for when you’re stuck with no ideas but with plenty of inspiration.

So when you have no ideas, you can just pick one out and start writing it!

This has always worked for me during the school year, because when school comes I have always felt so crowded and as if I cant’t get anything done. Having a list of ideas I can look to when I need ideas is VERY HELPFUL.

Never procrastinate, and do your work from most important to least important.

Organize your work from most important to least important. Obviously, schoolwork and studying for tests should be labeled most important, and then everything else can come afterwards.

ANOTHER TIP: Color-coding things helps a lot, so your brain is just able to immediately see what needs to be done first, and what can be put off for a little while. Most important can be red, least important can be green, and the moderately important can be yellow.

Don’t stress.

Even though everything can seem really impossible and you feel as if nothing can get done, YOU CAN DO IT.

Not only is being stressed a horrible feeling, it also doesn’t help you at all. Procrastination won’t help you either, so don’t try and pushing that task off for later, because you still will have to do it, so really just prolonging the stress.

If you have to take a mini break, that’s fine, but DON’T GIVE UP.


Remember that thing that teachers taught you when you were like in 3rd grade to encourage you to read more? Drop everything and read.

Well, we’re just going to throw away that, and switch it out with this:

Drop everything and RELAX.

If you need to relax, just relax and don’t try to push yourself.



I told you, I finally found the key to being able to balance blogging and school! It may not work for everyone, but it does work for me and has been a lifesaver during the school year. Hopefully, this will help me stay intact as a human being this year.

How have you managed to balance blogging and school? Please share your ways in the comments below, because I need all the help that I can get.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “How to Balance Blogging and School • AKA, How to Not Fall Apart | Gianna & Gemini

  1. I highly recommend getting a planner, for anyone! I use my planner to plan things like “do this homework for 45 minutes” and “finish by this time”, and it really helps me get things done on time. 🙂 I would also like to start planning my reading times, because that seems helpful as well!

    I really have to color code things, but I use the colors to indicate my school subjects! If something needs to be done faster, I’ll usually box the task on my calendar. And I always like to put little checkboxes on my tasks, so I can check them off when finished and I feel more accomplished. 😂 I love these tips, Gianna! They’re super helpful! 💕


  2. GIRL YES. Balancing blogging and school is a seriously tough job (plus all the after school activities and writing and actually resting). One thing I do is I try to spread out the work over a long period of time: I publish a blog post every Wednesday, so throughout the week, I’ll try to sneak a few minutes to draft a new post, write a paragraph, or do fanangling like making the Pinterest graphic, checking the slug, ticking categories and writing tags, etc.


  3. I love calendars!! I really want to start having a post schedule and I think I’m gonna set a certain amount of time to spend blogging because sometimes I spend too much and neglect everything else. So that’s one of my goals this year. Love this post and I’m loving your back to school posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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