Discussing Why Summer Reading Is Useful Even Though I Hate It | Gianna & Gemini

Even though I hate it, summer reading is actually important.

And I know that this is not what any person who is enjoying summer want to hear*, because summer reading is related to school, and we all want to be done with school.

But even during summer, we have to worry about school with summer reading. If your teachers are the kind the assign five books, then you’re going to want to get a head start and start quickly. Or you could procrastinate… Your choice.

So since I am being forced into starting my summer reading, I thought it would be only fitting if I dragged you all down with me, and shared my frustration and understanding with you all!!!

Summer! Reading! Isn’t! Fun! But! It’s! Useful! And! Important!!!!

*I’m starting my legendary back to school series soon, so sorry not sorry i’m excited for it :)))

monday (1)

BASICALLY, I think school feel summer reading is needed because with school, we are obligated to read for our classes. If you want that good grade, you’re going to need to read that book. So we read the books, even if they aren’t interesting or if we don’t want to.

But with summer, school’s out, and we don’t have to any mandatory reading that we have to do. You have 75 days for yourself, and you get to do whatever you want. And school’s don’t want their students falling behind in anything. They want us to remember that school still exists.

And I get it, but WHY?

It’s our only break, and we still have assigned work?

I want to take the only freedom I have and relax, and be myself.

And plus, the books that we are required to read aren’t necessarily interesting either. The teachers are choosing more older books from a different generation, and that can be hard for people like me to read, because I want to read a book that I’ll want to read and that will entertain me.

I don’t like to have to force myself to open the book and read it, because we both know I’m not enjoying it.

And honestly, I am okay with having to read during the summer, that’s fine with me.

But why do they choose the books they choose?

I want to relate to the book, and while reading about witchcraft or reading a 5 page description of a door is interesting, I would rather read something that I can use in my life and relate towards and understand.

Anyways.. thanks for reading this discussion? rant? Who knows.


Ahhh, I am so sorry for talking about school while you all are chilling and relaxing with your summer vibes! But, I am so happy you all ead to the end and joined in on this chat with me!!

What are your thoughts on summer reading! Do you find it useful, or do you think schools should get rid of it! Share your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time…



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