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100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons BLOG TOUR Interview (Behind the Scenes!!)| Gianna & Gemini


Written by the fabulous Abbie Emmons, 100 Days of Sunlight is a novel that I have wanted to read ever since I read the synopsis. To give you an idea of what it’s about, it’s filled with waffles, romance, blogging, and everything in-between.

She has written an amazing book that everyone needs to get their hands on and READ, because it features amazing topics that we all need to get behind.

And to celebrate her book and just talk about the behind the scenes of everything, I was given the amazing opportunity to talk with her about her debut novel! So if you want to check that out, keep reading!!

(My questions are in bold and have my logo to the left of them, Abbie’s answers are in regular text with her picture on the right of it.


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First off, congratulations on having a book coming out! It must feel amazing!  How does it feel to be an author, and to know that all the hard work you’ve done is finally paying off? 

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It feels amazing! It’s still so surreal to think that people all over the world have read my book – like, wow! I am thrilled, honored, and so grateful to every person who decides to pick up my book and read it. Also, it feels incredibly satisfying to work hard on something like a book and see it out there in the world, being appreciated and enjoyed. 

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When you decided that you’d be an indie writer and go solo, it must have been a little bit overwhelming, knowing that everything that will be done for your book (your baby) will be by YOU. How have you managed to organize your time and prioritize to get things done for your blog tour, cover design, and ect?

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This is a great question! The indie route is definitely an overwhelming one – but so far I’ve handled everything pretty well by simply makes tons of lists, timelines, and – of course – calendar blocking. I really couldn’t get anything done if I didn’t calendar block, it’s such a tremendous help! 

At the beginning of the year, I took some time to sit down and write an 8-month publishing timeline for this book. At first I made it 6 months, but I quickly realized that I needed more time, with this being my debut novel and all. From there, I made a plan of what I needed to accomplish each month in order to release the book in August. I consulted lots of my favorite indie publishing blogs and resources, made a plan, and stuck with it! A few things have popped up unexpectedly since my initial plan in January, so I’m happy I gave myself some extra time to make sure everything is perfect. 

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I knew that you love music and writing, but I never knew that you were such an artist, your cover is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What gave you the inspiration for your cover, and how long did it take to complete? 

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Thank you so much!! Omg I’m blushing over here… So, when I was in the middle of writing 100 Days of Sunlight, I got an idea for the cover art: an explosion of flowers and happiness and little elements from the book, like a waffle and a camera and a laptop and a ukulele… I started jotting down my ideas, but I had no idea how I would actually put it all together. 

Then I found some great images to work with on the public domain (all those beautiful flowers, butterflies, and birds!) I started piecing them together, and eventually worked with a freelancer to paint the specific elements (like the ukulele and waffles). I played around with it a lot, tried different colors for the text, and at last decided I was happy with it! It’s a good thing I spent a lot of time playing on Photoshop as a kid – that skill came in handy when I was designing the cover for my book.

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Reading your blog, I’ve noticed that you are a musician and love music, writing it, and that you even have a song out for yourself. So I have to ask, do you have a playlist that you listened to during the making of your novel? If yes, what songs are listed, and what genre did you gravitate towards? 

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Yes! Music is a huge part of who I am and I can’t imagine not making a playlist for every book I write, haha! (I’m kind of obsessed – it’s fine.) You can listen to my official 100 Days of Sunlight playlist here. It mostly consists of happy folk/pop, sentimental acoustic ballads, and a few rock anthems. Basically, anything happy and motivational!

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Mental health is something that I know a lot of people can forget about, especially when they’re busy, so it’s always been important to make sure our own mental status is proper and in order as we live our everyday lives. Would you be able to share with us how you have stayed balanced throughout this hectic (but exciting!!) time in your life? 

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Oooh I love this question. Like you said, balance is so important. I really notice a difference in my energy, creativity, and mood when I push too hard and don’t take proper care of my mental wellbeing. I’m a bit of a workaholic, so if I don’t make myself rest, I’ll just keep going. (it’s a problem!) 

Calendar blocking, surprisingly, really helps me to keep that balance of work and rest. From 8 AM to 8 PM, I block in work tasks; from 8PM to 8AM I block in time to stretch, hang out with my family, and sleep + 2 hours in the morning to wake up and journal, shower, etc. This 1:1 ratio is really what helps me to stay creative and positive, and I think everyone needs to find their own unique balance in their daily lives – mental wellness is sooo important. ❤

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I’ve always noticed that authors have always fallen in love with one character more than the others, so I was wondering, which character of yours would have to be your favorite, and why? 

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This is true!! I soon as I started to read this question, I was like “Weston.” haha! Weston is my darling. He is literal sunshine, but not without his low moments, flaws, and misbeliefs. I particularly loved writing his story because of his journey – both internal and external. Weston goes through a lot, but he always gets back up when life knocks him down. He’s a fighter, and optimist, and probably my favorite character I’ve ever written. (I know, I’m not supposed to play favorites with my literary “babies”… oh well.)

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The process of choosing names for anything has always fascinated me, so I have to ask, how did you come up with the names you chose for your characters? Were they more personal to you and have a meaning, or did you just pick the names because you liked them? 

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I usually keep a running list of names that I love, to use for future characters – but sometimes the names just pop into my head when I think about said character and I know it’s the perfect name for them! I think Tessa was a name I just liked and decided to use… and Weston was someone’s last name in a TV show I saw and I was like “that would be a good first name…”

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I know that there have been books out in the book community that have gotten some backlash as to their subpar representations that they have done, such as having a character who has a chronic illness, and writing about the disability incorrectly. How was it having to research for your characters with disabilities? 

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It was a super fascinating and educational journey. I read tons of first-hand accounts and blogs, watched videos, read more blogs, and bookmarked hundreds of articles all over the internet. The most interesting thing I learned throughout my research is that no two experiences are alike – which meant I could craft unique experiences for my characters, while still staying true to what I’d learned about their disabilities. My editor also had worked as a sighted guide at a center for the blind, so she was able to give me some great insight into Tessa’s different abilities and experiences.

Beyond that, I really wanted the story to focus more on the characters’ emotional internal journeys, rather than medical details. I want the story to be a representation for people with limb differences and blindness, yes – but I also want anybody to be able to relate to my characters; their fears, struggles, and triumphs. A few readers who have disabilities and chronic illnesses have read the book and given me great feedback, saying they could relate to my characters in ways they haven’t been able to with other books. Their reviews really touched my soul and made all the hard work so, so worth it. 

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I’d like to think that the scariest thing about sharing something of yours on the Internet is the reactions and replies that people will have. If you don’t mind me asking, were you worried that people would have negative feelings toward your novel? 

I think this fear lingers in the back of every writer’s mind (at least, I hope I’m not alone??) It is scary to put your work out there, especially when you’ve poured so much love and energy into it. Not everyone will love the book, and that’s okay – I’ve written it for the people who need it. The people who need to feel seen, and loved, and worthy, and hopeful that no matter what happens, there’s nothing they can’t do. 

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And last but not least, are you planning on releasing another book? After 100 Days of Sunlight, readers are definitely going to be wanting more from the great Abbie Emmons! 

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Yes!! Fear not, I will be releasing another book soon. It will be another standalone, but I can’t give away any more details yet! 😉 I can’t wait to share another story with y’all.

Thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog today, Gianna! I loved chatting with you about all things writing! 


It was so amazing to chat with Abbie about her new book. 100 Days of Sunlight! Her bright personality definitely matches her bright book, and that just makes me even more excited to get my hands on it!! But if any of you would like to check out her book, here are some of her links:

If you do get your hands on her amazing piece of work, share in the comments what you thought of it, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Until next time…



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  1. Hey Gianna! I found your site via the 100DOS tour and I definitely enjoyed your interview! Also the formatting is simply A+, I love the simplicity of it.
    ~ Germaine

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