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My Blogging Pet Peeves & Moments In Blogging that I Hate | Gianna & Gemini

Blogging is like a rollercoaster; it has it’s ups and downs.

And that’s the same thing with life too! I definitely have a lot of pet peeves, such as: when people leave the toilet seat up accidentally or looking at a sink full of dishes (that I should be washing).

Not to long ago, I wrote about my favorite moments of blogging. And although I do love blogging, over my 3 years of blogging I have found some annoying moments, and I KNOW this is going to be interesting. I naturally have am annoyed by a lot of things, so if I have a lot of pet peeves I’m not surprised.

So for today if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve decided to share my annoying moments in blogging! And hopefully, writing this post doesn’t make me mad.

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wanting to write, but having no ideas


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btw rosanna was amazing in ETN

There have been times when I feel so happy and inspired to write, but my brain has decided not to give me any new ideas to run with, and it’s annoying. I WANT TO WRITE. It’s just that my brain can be rude, and so don’t blame me.

But when I do get ideas, they are amazing, so I guess it’s worth it to not have an idea? I don’t know. All I know is that I want to write.

Just one. Maybe more.

not having the time for blogging

In the summer, I am good. But when school comes back, I know that I’m going to fall into a mess and it’s going to be hard for me to balance blogging and school. And I know that school is important, but I want to be the blogger that is able to balance school with other things.

There are tons of other bloggers who are able to balance their lives out, so why can’t I? I just don’t want for school to come and for me to be at a bad pace.

Missing one or two posts is okay, but going weeks at a time without posting isn’t something I want to do. I WANT TO BE A CONSISTENT BLOGGER.

feeling jealous about other bloggers

I’ll just be scrolling through the WordPress Reader, looking at who posted anything new, and I’ll see that someone uploaded something only a few days ago (on their consistent schedule)a , and that it already has around 100 likes and comments. HOW?

Image result for it's not possible gif

i want to be able to start a blog and soon enough have created an empire. i want to have:

  • lots of followers
  • tons of comments to read and reply to
  • be known in the blogging community
  • a consistent schedule that i will actually stick to

And yes, I know it takes work and effort, but when I see other people succeeding so fast, it just feels like I am running the race too slow.

when my wifi isn’t working and the post won’t save

This is especially horrible when I’ve finished the entire post and I am trying to schedule it.

I’ve written the entire post, and the router now decides it’s a good time to give up and me and go on a nap? Not a good time, or a good idea at all. You’re just causing me to feel a little anxiety, no big deal.

And plus, why are you spontaneously appearing when the post is completely done?? I just think the WordPress gods are out to get me sometimes.

when i upload a post for _:_ _ and it uploads at a completely different time

The timezone my WordPress is in is different from the timezone that I actually live in, and I can’t bother to change it, but I think it’s time I should.

And I’ve learned to adjust to it, so when I want to post for 3:30, I schedule it for 7:30, and it seemed to work really well. But recently, I scheduled it like I usually do, and it posted for 3:30 AM.

How did it happen?? I don’t know. All I know is WordPress I need to fix it.


What are your blogging pet peeves, or just things you hate about blogging? Blogging is amazing and so fun to do, but there are just things that we all can’t stand about it, but we live with it, because blogging is something that we love.

Share your pet peeves in the comments below, I would love to hear you opinions and what you hate about blogging!

Until next time…


14 thoughts on “My Blogging Pet Peeves & Moments In Blogging that I Hate | Gianna & Gemini

  1. Amen to wanting to write but got nothing and not having the time! I get that you make time for what matters to you but my blog is my baby but also still not high enough to find the energy after a long day, if that makes sense. I hate not having the inspiration/motivation to write! I’ve been stuck in ruts and all I do is watch my blog idealists grow bigger and bigger but still have no desire to open WordPress.

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  2. Omg I hate when posts delete themselves and I can’t get them back. It happens so often on my laptop that I’ve resorted to writing the rough draft on the WordPress app because it’s faster. Most of the problems happen when I start adding photos and deleting the captions which then seem to delete the whole blog post. Since the rough drafts on my phone are also on WordPress itself, I’ll end up losing that too when the whole thing vanishes. I hate that. 😭

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  3. Omggg I think the time difference is on my schedule too. Similar to the wifi one, I hate when I’m almost done a whole post and it all deletes. And when I try to go to history, it doesn’t workkk. I found out that copying and pasting a gif with a caption and then removing that caption deletes the whole post. Weird, I know. I hate the not having enough time – I really want to go back to the ‘writing my blog posts on paper and then typing them up’ method because it used to save me so much time for some reason. But I got so used to typing that writing it down would feel weird!! And ah I feel ya on the jealousy towards other bloggers. I put in a lot of work and effort at the beginning and my work really paid off but then I see people with tens of thousands of page views every month and I’m like whaaat? Especially if they’ve been around for a shorter time than I was. But I tend to just focus on people now and trying to stay consistent and interactive with the blogs I follow. Because the interaction is what matters the most and I think once you start searching and finding new blogs, it’ll come back to you! Everyone is at different paces and I was at this conference when a speaker told us ‘when things aren’t going your way, change your approach not your goal’ so every month or every few months, find a new way to increase traffic and hopefully your goal of a large community will come!!
    But yeah my biggest pet peeve will have to be my posts deleting themselves due to a gif. 😂

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    1. I’ve never had a post delete cause of a gif, but I’ll open it to write some more and it’ll all be gone… and it’s just horrible. Especially if it’s a post I’m really enjoying writing.
      I’ve never done writing posts on paper but it seems efficient, cause you do all the work on paper and then just type it up when you’re done, no issues there!!
      That’s a good idea, switching up my ways might help me out!!
      Thanks for the comment, this was fun to read and reply to!! 😊

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