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5 Blogging Myths I Thought Were True As A Noob ( But Aren’t) | Gianna & Gemini

We’ve all been a noob before, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

When we are just starting out in blogging or in any activity, it”s common that we have already made our own theories on how it’ll go. But the frightening reality is.. YOU’RE WRONG, for the most part at least.

Whatever I thought blogging would be like, it wasn’t true.

So for today’s post, I thought it would be really interesting if I shared the 10 blogging myths that I believed to be true as a new blogger, but thankfully weren’t!


                There Aren’t Many Teenage Bloggers

For some reason I had believed that there wouldn’t be any teenage bloggers, only adults.

At the time, blogging wasn’t something I was familiar with and I don’t know what I believed it was, but I knew that I didn’t think it was a large community like YouTube. It seemed like a small place, but I loved writing and wanted to join, so I did.

Nobody I knew was a blogger or knew any blogger, so it makes sense for me to think there is a entire community for only adults.

Image result for clueless gif

But at the same time I’m confused as to how clueless I was, I am kind of glad that I falsely believed not many teenagers blogged.

I’m not glad that I thought not many teenagers blogged, but I’m happy I believed this for a little while in the beginning because it helped me to work really hard in the beginning to find my place, cause since I felt that I was alone in the blogging community with nobody my age, I felt that I had to work 10x harder to make my mark.

    Be Ready For Rude and Discouraging People

I had drilled it into my mind that there were going to be mean people who wouldn’t always support me, and I had come prepared to not feel bad if someone doesn’t reply with the nicest responses.

But for the entire time that I have been blogging, I HAVEN’T RECEIVED HATEFUL RESPONSES.

Image result for spongebob happy gif

Even when I expect it, everyone has always managed to reply with the kindest words ever, and honestly.. it’s unbelievable. I have NEVER been afraid to share something with you all, because the responses have never been hateful, and I’m thankful for that.

I know without a doubt there are other creative platforms that people are on, and people there can be not the nicest. And to be on a platform where I haven’t read one hateful response is something I am so thankful was just a myth.

       “I’m Going to Post EVERY SINGLE DAY!”

As a 14 year old, I would come to the basement after school/soccer every single day with my computer and write a post and literally publish it that SAME DAY.

If I did that today, I couldn’t.

Not because I am an inconsistent blogger, but because:

  1. as a new blogger i wrote 100 word posts with grammar errors, but they were filled with care and happiness? i didn’t edit or anything, and they were rough.
  2.   whatever i was thinking about for a post, i wrote. and let me tell you, that can be a good idea, but in this case it was HORRiblLE.
  3.  i want my posts to be quality, and if i’ writing a post every single day… it would be messy..

                                  It’s.. EASY.

I thought that blogging was just sitting at my computer every day after school in the basement to write up a post that I’d post that same day.

But it’s NOT.

It’s about creating yourself an aesthetic, writing things you’re proud of, interacting with other bloggers, and so much more things than we can see at the starting line.

Taking Breaks or Missing A Post is Bad

When I missed a post, I would literally write up an apology post explaining why I wasn’t able to post something, because I felt sad that I didn’t live up to the expectations I made for myself.

Image result for dont worry be happy gif

I. Felt. Bad. For. Not. Posting. Something.

Don’t ever feel bad for putting your life in front of your blog. Blogging is important, but living your life is as well. Missing a few days is okay, and don’t feel bad for it, your readers understand.


I was a very clueless blogger.. in the beginning. Not everything that I believed was correct, as you can tell. But I have grown and learned so much from blogging, and I am VERY thankful for that, because these myths are very much false.

What blogging myths did you once believe were true? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you thought about blogging at first glance.

Until next time…




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