Giving Support and LOVE to All my Favorite Bloggers!! • Part TWO | Gianna & Gemini

Welcome to the second part of me celebrating bloggers I love.

If you remember, not a while back I wrote a fun and cheery post about a few of my favorite bloggers here in the blogging community, and one post was obviously not enough to talk about how many bloggers create amazing content, so WE ARE DOING A PART TWO!!

Not only is this for me to share my favorite bloggers, but I am glad that I have been able to introduce some of you to some new bloggers!! We are a big community, and we need to branch out and meet each other!!

So without further interruption, let’s acknowledge some AMAZING CONTENT… again.

Disclaimer: If you’re not mentioned, I still love you and your work.


Holly @ Nut Free Nerd

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FUN FACT: Holly’s blog is actually the first blog that I ever followed and that caught my eye.
Her titles are attention-grabbing and the writing inside the package has always kept me entertained, inspiring me to continue my blog and developing in my writing voice.
Without her, I’m not really sure that blogging would have stood out to me as much as it did.
Favorite Posts:

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Not only is her writing style and blog aesthetic ABSOLUTELY amazing, I am 95% sure that she has captured the hearts of the entire blogging community, just through her personality.

She writes amazing book reviews, tags, interviews, and discussions, but she is much more than that obviously! Her ability to reach out and communicate with other bloggers  and make then feel welcome as she radiates friendliness is just a talent that fits in with who she is.

All in all, she is like a supporter of everyone around her, just making her the person you’d love being around. Basically, I think we should all be looking up to her!

Favorite Posts:

Book blogging with Anxiety

The 3d Annual Book Bloggers Awards – My Nominations #2019BookBloggerAwards

My Top 10 Dream Libraries Around the World

Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer

Sasha is one of the most bubbly and outgoing bloggers that I have ever known, and I think that’s one of my favorite features about her.

Her personality is so upbeat and motivational and it definitely has shown through her writing, and I think that’s the reason why I have always been gravitated to her blog so easily!

It’s a pop of sunshine on a boring day, and that’s something we’re all really lucky to have. So if you’re ever feeling a bit down, you know the place to go for amazing writing or a pick-me-up.

Favorite Posts:

Sasha Chats : Balancing Blogging and School, The Unexpected Hiatus + An Exciting Announcement!

I Survived?!| 5 Days of NO Wifi 😱😬

Motivational Monday | Beauty, Being Yourself and Bravery

Fadwa @ Word Wonders


Fadwa is an AMAZING advocate for diversity, representation, and all things bookish. She has never been afraid to make her voice known and share her opinions with the world, no matter what they are.
Speaking of that, two of the series on her blog- #DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss and Muslim Voices Rise Up- are both entirely inspiring and just so interesting on all levels.
She manages to share her love of books in such an incredible way, and is definitely someone special in the blogging community who we can all look to for amazing content.

Favorite Posts:

Muslim Voices Rise Up– Advice To My Younger Muslim Self

#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: The “Hidden Gems”: Why Are F/F Romances So Hard To Find?

My -humble- 2019 Book Blogger Awards Nominations



Although I am very sad that this is the ending of me sharing my favorite bloggers, I am very very happy to be able to give a few bloggers the acknowledgement and recognition that they deserve!

And by all means, go ahead and check out those bloggers I supported above! They are amazing, like I said. But also, please share some of your favorite bloggers as well! I would love to get to know some new people!!

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Giving Support and LOVE to All my Favorite Bloggers!! • Part TWO | Gianna & Gemini

  1. Oh, oh I think I’m about to cry.
    Thank you so, SO much for mentioning me here, this just made my entire week ahhh, thank you sO much for all of your sweet words, this means so, so, so much, I’m so happy you enjoy my work and ahh, thank you. You are wonderful ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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