My Issue With College | Gianna & Gemini

After the Lori Loughlin and the USC college scandal, I did some digging for myself.

I’m already a sophomore, so in just 2 short years I’ll be going to college for myself. And while that thought in itself is exciting, it’s more scary with the thoughts its brought to my mind:

  • what am i going to major in
  • what college will i be going to
  • its expensive
  • and the most important: IS IT WORTH IT?

So let’s jump in, because this is going to be fun.


Most parents expect their children to want to attend college or university as a form of higher education after they complete high school. And if the student actually wants to go to college for themselves, then I have no issue with that.

But what I do have an issue with is the amount of students attending college not for themselves, but because:

  • their parents expect them to
  • they feel like they have to
  • its expected of them by society and they don’t want to drift from that

And to be honest, THAT SCARES ME.

College itself is probably about 15,000 dollars, and the fact that people are attending because they feel they have to, is not good for themselves, and not for their financial stability as well.

Related image

Combining whether you go to a public or private university, whether you live in a dorm or not, if you’re eating on a meal plan, and how expensive books and school supplies in general are, it’s A LOT. And if you’re not there for yourself, that’s a whole different issue.

Most people go to a state college, which as you can see is $19,548.

But either way you go, it’s still expensive.

But because some parents tell kids that they have to go to a good college, they feel they have to go. Upsetting their parents who’ve done everything for them seems impossible, so trudging through something that they don’t want seems better??


I can truthfully admit that I don’t like school, and one of the only reasons I still listen in my classes is because I need to have that 96% on my Report Card™. But I know that I’m still going every day for 2 reasons that I can think of:

  • the disappointment i get from my parents if i fail hurts me wayy too much
  • college will get me out of here
  • im supposed to??

And I think that’s how it’s been for a lot of people in life, but once things like becoming a singer or a YouTuber started being acceptable positions in life, they let go of their parents expectations and started living for themselves.

Because honestly, most people aren’t learning for themselves, they’re doing it because society has taught us its what we’re supposed to do.

Image result for youtube as a profession

So when things like YouTube came up and became an acceptable profession, kids were dropping out of college because a new message was sent: College isn’t for everyone, you don’t have to go. 


And when this idea became more important, it was a slow transition, because people were still going to college, but more people went and then left, or people started leaving high school with the intention of not going to college.

Cause why should we keep learning just for a number? After a while, it gets tiring, and the thought of 4 more years of that may be anxiety filled, especially if high school wasn’t your favorite. Especially when the world has more options.


Personally, I want to go to college, it’s a dream of mine.

I’m exciting for the experiences and the new life that I’ll go on.

And so for a while now, I’ve been reading and receiving information about colleges, and watching YouTubers who are in college. One of my favorite ones is called Reese Regan, her vlog channel being ‘basicallyreese’.

She documents her life in college, and part of that is about her mental health and her sometime struggles with school and the intense workload. And while I do want to go to college, it scares me how the ideal person will have their mental health increasingly drop because of finals, midterms, and just the average work.

Related image

I’m already struggling now, and they’re saying it’s going to get worse in college?

College seems scary and weird.

And it’s understandable as to why people would drop out or do anything to simply stay in the game and not be the failures that they NEVER want to become.

But the thing that I have an issue is and worry about is people losing themselves in trying to be perfect. College professors and administrations wouldn’t tell students that college is a battle ground for a lot of issues, but it is, and we need to learn that whoever you are now, don’t change it for colleges to accept you.

So who ever is reading this, DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT. If you get 75, that’s okay, do better next time, but don’t punish or degrade yourself.


I’m not even in college yet, and its already freaking me out, so I thought it would calm me down to do a bit of research and learn about the hidden issues with colleges.

I definitely hope this was interesting to read, but also informative with stuff you enjoyed hearing. If you’ve heard about all this college scandals, what do you think about it?

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “My Issue With College | Gianna & Gemini”

  1. You’ll figure out everything soon. Opting for a good subject matters a lot. I did my MS in psychology but wanted to go for something else. Do what you really want to do. Good luck

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  2. Hey Gianna! I remember when I was still in high school and freaking out about college – I also didn’t know if college was for me, it seemed stressful, and I didn’t know what to do with my life. Now, I’m graduating college – still don’t know what I want to do with my life, but college helped me learn more about the world, explore things (academically and personally) that I never would have, and I’ve also met a few of my best friends! Everyone has a different experience in college but it is really important to choose the right college for you. Good luck and don’t freak out yet, you still have time!

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    1. Congratulations on almost graduating college, that’s amazing!! I’m excited but I’m nervous…? I don’t know where to go and what to major in, but hopefully I’ll have some stuff figured out by then. I’m glad your experience was and has been good. Thanks so much!!

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      1. Thanks! Haha those feelings sound about right. You’re in a good place if you’re already thinking about college! Would be happy to answer any additional questions you have 😊

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