The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teenager in the Blogging Community

I love blogging, but as we all know, everything has some flaws or kinks.

As a young 14 year youngster starting blog,  I was completely blinded by the excitement and thrill of being able to start something new, that the hardships and challenges I might’ve faced kind of slipped out of my focus.

I immediately jumped into it really quickly, so I didn’t think about:

  • making social media for my blog
  • the time I’d need to create a post
  • how long it would really take to think of ideas
  • how I would want my blog to look and be perceived

But as I went on with blogging, I realized some of the advantages and disadvantages, so for today, I’m excited to be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager in the blogging community.


Being a teenager wasn’t something that scared me or made me feel at a disadvantage, being a teenager inspired me and made me happier, because I felt like it would have help me be better and have time to grow.

But as I stayed longer in the community, I began to see more things around me that helped me understand what being a teenager here was going to be like for me, and how it was for other people.

I’m still not anxious or afraid of being a teenager in this community, but since I’ve been realizing how it all is for teenagers, I’m kinda disappointed but also happy at the same time??? I’ll explain.


School and After-School Activities

Even though we’re bloggers, blogging is NOT the only thing that we want to be able to do. We want to be able to live our normal lives, have after school activities and be able to do well in school, with blogging as a fun addition. So although school is necessary, when you want to write, it can feel like an annoying hangnail.

Related image

But because we have to go to school for 8 hours a day and then also go to our activities (i.e dance, gymnastics) our time we can blog is limited.

For example with soccer, I went to school for 8 hours, and then had soccer for 4 hours. Soon after getting home I have to eat dinner and then do homework, which is 2 hours on a good night and maybe more, if I have to study. To be completely honest, I can’t remember how I balanced everything, but I did.

Having to Make Ourselves Heard Among Older Bloggers

I’m only 16, so I have only been around in the blogging community for 2 (almost 3!) years, and that isn’t even as long as the older bloggers in the community have been here. Other people have been around her for so much longer, and they probably don’t want to find it in themselves, or don’t care, to make space for us teens to share our voice.

And I can’t blame them, if it were me who has been dedicated to something for so long and then a new messy generation comes along trying to jump in the deep end that I’m being working on swimming towards, it kind of stings. But I do believe they shouldn’t completely undervalue us, because since we’re new we have new thoughts we can incorporate into it all, that might have been not talked about recently.

They should at least trust us with this future in their hands, because shutting us down and making us have to scream to be heard is…. odd? We are the future yet they’re pushing the future to the side But I do know some great adult bloggers who ARE kind to teens and do want us to succeed, so this stereotype doesn’t fit everyone.

People think we’re too young to listen to

I highly disagree with this, because I like to believe that the younger generation (although they can be annoying and bleh) are going to be the ones to use their innovative minds to continue on with the world. And this innovative mind is me, so yey.

But we are NOT TOO YOUNG to listen to.

Image result for you're too young gif

Although some teens can be irresponsible and immature, which is probably why they have these thoughts. But NOT ALL TEENS ARE IMMATURE, so stereotypes should not be made out of it.

In fact, we are just the perfect age to listen too, because we’ve seen things about the real world and we understand most things around us to form an opinion and share our opinions without being offensive in any way. And since we came after everyone, we get to be able to make our own opinions about topics, without having someone else tell us what we should think.

We’ll see things in different ways, and help form new views on topics, so our presence in the blogging community can really be effective and mind-blowing as much as it can be.



after all that negativity, let’s get into some positivity. c;

We have fresh eyes

As 13-19 year olds, we have created our own perspectives on life and in the blogging community. Whether it’s good or bad, it allows us to form new opinions and talk about topics that the adults never talked about because they were either scared to talk about, or never really thought intensively about to make into a cohesive discussion.

We have been breaking definitive barriers by talking about mental illnesses, diversity, diversity in YA, and body insecurities, and I’m excited to see what we all will continue to write about

We can have a voice for the community we represent

Whether you represent:

  • people with disability
  • people with mental illnesses
  • the plus-sized community
  • your country + traditions
  • your race


For older people, they talked and made speeches to people to stand up for their beliefs. But in our generation, we can reach much more people with the Internet, and so it’s important to use your blog as a platform for representation for what you stand for. When you’re writing, implanting yourself into each piece can help readers get a glimpse of what they’re going to be seeing from you.

Image result for represent gif

As teenagers with blogs, we are able to support whatever topic seems the most important to us, and reach much more people with our opinions, rather than just a crowd of people.

We meet great people who can support/impact us greatly

There are so many adults in the blogging community,, many of who can introduce us to new things and help us out a bit. Because although we like to act like we’re the bosses and we know everything, we don’t know it all I’m positive I know nothing.

And although we do want them to give us the space to speak up and use our voices, we want to hear from them as well because them being in the blogging community longer is actually a benefit. They know more than us, and giving them space to work, but also to learn from is important.

But other than adults, we can MEET PEOPLE OUR OWN AGE and talk with people who are in the same boat as we are. 


This was 1200+ words of pure awesomeness, and I am so happy I was able to share it with all of you. But also, what did you think of this post? How do you feel about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?? If yo have any more, share them in the comments below!

Until next time…



13 thoughts on “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teenager in the Blogging Community”

  1. Hey! I really loved your post, and I think it was really true and intuitive ☀️ I too am a teen blogger (15) and I recently started blogging. Is there maybe some advice you can give me to grow my following, and get “noticed”, for lack of a better word, in the community. Otherwise you’re doing great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! Congratulations on the new blog. My advice would to be yourself and put yourself out there to meet new bloggers and maybe become fiends with them. Being yourself will let them see the real you and people will be able to relate with your personality, and when people do that, you’ll receive followers in turn with your quality posts! Sorry this was long but I hope it helped.


  2. I started blogging around 12/13 as well but that was ages ago when blogging wasn’t a popular hobby. I think it’s great to have teenagers in the blogosphere – I love seeing the opinions of a different generation and even reading a weekend post because it reminds me of my teenage years.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a teenage blogger and I agree with everything! Older bloggers don’t really seem to take us seriously. And I’m only 13, so it’s harder. Luckily, there are tons of teen bloggers out there so it’s not like we’re alone. Great post. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m always super mind blown at your writing style. Like what is this amazing quality that I’m receiving in my Reader?? I love this post so much and agree with so much of what you say!! I feel like we’re much more open to talk about new things and really break the silence, you know? When I first started blogging, I thought I was like the only teen on here. I didn’t use laughing emojis and tried to make my posts quirky to an extent but also professional but then I started reading more teen blogs and I love how we’re all so connected and ugh I love it! I also have a few favourite adult bloggers and I love their comments and posts but YESS we are the future and our opinions matter. Balancing school and blogging is definitely tricky. I just like to schedule nowadays but sometimes I go a week without posting when I try to aim for every couple days. Anyways your posts are always helpful and great and shdgysjsb love it!!


    1. Ahh thank you so much, it means a lot!! And same here! When I began I thought I was one of the very few teen bloggers, and I also tried to seem professional before I found out there were more. It can be tricky sometimes but it’s definitely worth it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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