Discussing Why It’s Okay to Be A Blogger Without Earning Money | Gianna & Gemini

If I had to count how many times I was told this, I’d probably be rich.

To all the people that I have told about my blog, I’ve been told from at least all of them about how I’m wasting my time blogging if I’m not monetizing my blog and getting some sort of income out of it.

And to be honest, its annoying.I HATE IT.

I’ve worked so hard on this blog for 95.5% of the majority to be doubting me because to be do this is hard, and when people think its not worth it and are wondering why I am “wasting so much time on something when I’m not being paid for it”, it hurts me right in the heart. And they’re non-bloggers, so they’ll probably never witness or understand this fully, but they should be able to understand or realize my motives.

So because I want them to understand, and not doubt people’s life choices over monetization and money, let’s talk about it.

*Also, I picked the picture of the giraffe because it was happy and light and amazing, and that is EXACTLY what blogging is: crazy sometimes, but fun and amazing and surprising me all the time.


From the moment that I decided that I wanted a blog up to now, it’s been difficult, but I’ve always loved it and I’ve always came back to it no matter what. Blogging has been that kind of therapeutic and relaxing activity that I can always count on because of the blogging community and support, but also because of how much I love writing posts and sharing them with others.

Although not all of my posts seem relatively beneficial towards me, I love to write them and in some weird way writing posts and sharing them just gives me so much happiness that I can’t possibly describe.




Nobody said it was easy, and nobody said that bloggers are supposed to be monetized. Yes, it’s hard to work for such a long time on something not to receive anything monetary in return, but also the feeling of writing something and getting all that positive feedback that makes you want to curl up in a ball and scream happiness is AMAZING as well and should never be forgotten.

Bloggers do sooooo much, and I feel like any amount of money we can earn can just NEVER BE ENOUGH.

Timeline of Creating a Blog Post

Creating a blog post is TONS of work, and if you’re not entirely and completely sure that blogging is something that you love and enjoy, then putting in the work to keep a blog running smoothly will always feel like a burden. But once you do put the work in, the outcomes are AMAZING.


But from my 2-ish years of blogging I’ve created a little timeline on how the blogging process can go:

  • think of an idea for a post
  • make an attention grabbing title
  • write the post
  • procrastinate about what to write
  • write some more
  • edit the post
  • add graphics
  • write and edit some more
  • create featured photo for blog post
  • schedule to post once i’m proud of it
  • announce scheduling for blog post over twitter
  • celebrate and feel happy and do it all over again

And those are only little bullet points, and they don’t even add up anywhere near to how time-consuming, but incredibly fun blogging can be.

And because of this medium-sized checklist, bloggers want to be monetized so this endless void of fun work can give them a benefit. So when they’re finished after 4+ hours of creating content, it is worth it by gaining monetary compensation for it.


But to me, adding money into something I love is adding pressure.

Maybe someday this opinion will change, but as for now I love working without the pressure and just having my blog as a place of me. But when I add in money, it feels like a job and feels professional, which I don’t want.

I feel like monetizing it makes it feel like a job, and while that sounds fun, I don’t know how it’ll be..

But also, blogging can just be an escape for some, or just a place to share their writing.

Blogging doesn’t always have to be centered around writing for monetary compensation, it can simply be writers writing to share their work or regular people writing to have a place of escape where they can be themselves without having to share with the people in their lives. Because as weird as it sounds, sometimes its easier to talk about your life and get personal when you know that nobody you know is witnessing it all.

-not done


This post has been something I’ve wanted to write for a while, so I am super excited that I’ve finally gotten around to it.

What do you think about blogging not for money, but just for the experience and because you want to write? All your opinions may not match mine, but I’d love to hear them!

*Also, credits to May @ Forever and Everly and Julianna @ Paper Blots for their tweets that I used in my post! All credits for the tweets go to them, because they’re NOT MINE. 🙂

Until next time..


9 thoughts on “Discussing Why It’s Okay to Be A Blogger Without Earning Money | Gianna & Gemini

    1. I agree. I’ve tried to explain it in depth, but to them, all they see is the fact that I have a way to make money and I’m not using it. Truthfully, I might consider this someday, but I don’t want it to be the only important factor to me about blogging.

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  1. Aaah yes girl!! I’m so with this. Every once in a blue moon a sponsored product or blogging shoutout opportunity would come up in my email and I’d get really happy. Like all my work paid off. When really, it’s the feedback, the community and the mental strength you gain from blogging that is the real prize here. There is an issue on my mind today and tomorrow I’m going to sit down and talk about it so to me, it sheds light on topics that are important to me while also sometimes lighthearted posts that I love to be myself in. There’s this monetizing site that surprisingly accepted me so I might sit down and get down to arranging everything tomorrow (your girl has been slacking but it’s march break) but it’s called media.net. if you wanted to check it out. It’s super easy to apply to and they’ll email you if you get accepted or not. Again, like you said, monetizing isn’t everything but if in the future you feel like maybe you want to get a little pay, maybe it’s something to consider. I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll make a post about branding and all once I actually test it out. With me, it’s not about the money, I just like trying new things and learning so yeah. The blogging process is super hard like you said but it all pays off when you have people around you who listen. Amazing post!!


    1. I’m so glad you agree!! Definitely in the future I might want to look into this again, but as of now I just want to focus on working to create amazing content, because I don’t want to add compensation into this until I know my motives aren’t for money and that I’m just doing what I love and getting benefits. I’ll check it out, it sounds really interesting. Thank you so much!!

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