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I’ve been tagged by the wonderful and amazing, Adria Petrov or Chips, and I’m so happy to be a part of this tag because of her.

Before I start, I’m going to need you all to go over to her blog and read everything there, because the topics she talks about are all so important and amazing and just make you happy, when you see all that she is accomplishing.

So now, let’s get started!


The Questions and Rules:

  1. What does women empowerment mean to you?
  2. What woman/women do you most admire? Why?
  3. Share with us a story, drawing, or video that you think says “empowered women.”
  4. Share with us the best lesson you’ve learned in leadership
  5. What cause do you most want to bring awareness to? Why?/What does it mean to you?
  6. Tag 5 inspirational, powerful women to do the same.
  7. Link your post to
  8. Tag us on Twitter (@my_lifelines) and/or Instagram (@mylifelines_) with #WomenWednesday.

What does women empowerment mean to you?

To me, women empowerment is about being your own person and not trying to fit into the labels or constrictions that people and society have created. Women don’t have to belong in the kitchen, women don’t only have to have children, women are no longer only just housewives.

Women today can do the same things or even more then men, and nobody should stop that. All we have to do is be ourselves and that is perfect enough.  Being a woman means that you’re empowered and that you’re able to make the impossible possible. Back in the older days, being a woman wouldn’t be something that you should exactly be proud of because of how demeaning it was. But now, being a woman means so much more than that. But I’d like to think that everyone creates their own definitions, so my definition of being a women won’t be the same as yours.

What woman/women do you most admire? Why?

Chloe + Halle

Although my favorite of the two is Halle, both ladies are exceptional and never fail to amaze me with their talents and their abilities to stomp on the barriers and break down the expectations people have. They’ve always gone above and beyond with their music and have produced a message that I think we all love and can relate to: Start from the bottom, work your way up, and once you reach the top, keep going.

Their music has also given them nominations and deserved fame, which only shows if you work hard good will come in return.


I don’t think my friend would appreciate me using her real name, but I think using initials are okay. She deserves so much respect for being a horse ride and a lover of mathematics. Most people always find it weird and annoying that she loves math, because math is a subject that most people can’t stand. But she defys them, and has always kept going with her love of math. And as for horse riding, she has always been talented at that, and there’s nothing anyone can say that would change that.

Michelle Obama

From writing her raising her daughters, to becoming the First Lady, to writing her book Becoming, Michelle has made it clear time and time again that being the First Lady wasn’t the only thing about her that made her special. She has empowered young woman with everything that she has done, and I am so proud of her for that and I respect her for it.


This without a doubt has to be one, she has worked every day of her life since having me and my siblings to make it so we have a life that she believes we rightfully deserve. By just doing that and so much more, she is admiral.

Share with us a story, drawing, or video that you think says “empowered women.”

Image result for powerful woman poems

Share with us the best lesson you’ve learned in leadership.

The best lesson I’ve learned in leadership is that you are always learning, and that you have to learn about the people you’re working with to be a good leader. If you aren’t learning as a leader, you’re not improving.

What cause do you most want to bring awareness to? Why?/What does it mean to you?

A cause that I want to bring awareness to is violence against people of color, such arresting them with brutal force, and treating them differently and with disrespect because of their skin color. Books like Hate U Give, Dear Martin, or A Very Great Expanse of Sea are only a few novels that talk about these topics and have brought light to them. But I’d like to hope and believe that authors aren’t the only ones who are targeting these topics and bringing them into discussion.

I’ve never experienced it myself, but I know that it’s real and that it does happen to people, people who don’t deserve bad things. I want people to understand that nobody deserves to die because of this, and nobody deserves this treatment.

The 5 Inspirational Women I Tagged Are….

The Stylish Dreamer

Rebekah Banister @ Questionable Tortoise Couture


And I can’t think of any more at the top of my head, but anyone can do this tag if they want!! We are all inspirational women, and these three are only a few of them.


Anyone who wants to do this empowerment tag and talk about the importance of empowerment in women and more, please feel free to do this tag! I know I only tagged three people, but anyone who wants to can do it as well!

When you think of women empowerment, what comes to your mind??

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10 thoughts on “Women Empowerment Tag | Gianna & Gemini

  1. This is such a cool tag, Gianna. Hmm, to me, I guess women empowerment is saying that ALL women are equal to men: whether they want to be a stay-at-home mom or CEO of a company, or whether they’d rather wear loose, baggy pants or a tight mini skirt. It’s about saying that a woman CAN like sports, science, mechanics, politics, business, etc. etc. and it’s not strange. It’s saying that you CAN be a scientist. Of course you don’t have to, and it’s fine to want a female-dominated career. It should be that you CAN.

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  2. Women empowerment to me is not building another woman up and allowing her to be herself without all the extra that comes with hating and being negative when yall got the same 24hrs being the definition of a woman some men think that’s all a woman is a maid a cook and a sex object no we”re more than that

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