Black History Month P.1 : Why I’m Excited for Diverse Books in 2019 + Books I’m Excited For

Happy Black History Month!

Black History Month is a time to celebrate how far black people have come over the centuries, from being the lowest class of people on Earth, to becoming equal to the rest of the human race.

We’ve worked our way up in the social ladder, and I hope that we all intend to stay in our current spots or advance higher. Black people have become doctors, lawyers, presidents, and writers.

And a big part of all of this is the upcoming and past diverse YA books that have been written, because while some people may think books have nothing to do with the advancement of the world coming into the 21-century, I’d like to believe that it has everything to do with the 21-century and our advancements.

So for today’s post, I want to talk about why I’m excited for more diversity in books, and the diverse books that have come out, or are coming out, that I’m excited to read!


For a few months from last year into this year, diversity has been booming and becoming a big part of the bookish community and culture. People have been reading more and more diverse books about different cultures, and overall bringing some light on topics that were in the dark for a while.

I’ve actually been introduced to new things while I read about topics that I didn’t really know much about before these books. Even though I’m black, being arrested by the cops and potentially killed wasn’t an issue that I was always worrying about. But after reading a few of these books, it opened my eyes to the life that some people have to live.

  • a very large expanse of sea

Image result for a very large expanse of sea

This book is about the life of a sixteen year old girl named Shirin, who is Muslim. The book is placed a year after 9/11, so it’s a hard time for politically, but especially for people like Shirin. She did nothing to cause 9/11, and was definitely not part of any of it, but because of her skin color and where she’s from, she’s constantly being hurt and bullied because of that. People think it’s okay to hurt her because of other people’s actions. People don’t deserve to be hurt and accused and blamed for something they never had a part of, but because of their skin color, they’re associated with that, and that’s definitely interpreted really well through this book.

Books like these are like icebreakers, they talk about the topics that most people are scared to bring up, like:

  • discrimination
  • LGBTQIA+ community
  • body shaming
  • mental illnesses,
  • ANd MORE.

It’s hard to talk about these controversial topics, because everyone refuses to step into the other persons mind and see what they’ve been feeling and experiencing. But reading these books allows you to get into the other mindset and understand the opposite POV. Even if you don’t agree with it, it let’s you understand where they’re coming from. 

  • hate u give

Image result for hate u give

Written by Angie Thomas, Starr lives in a predominately black area, but goes to school in at a white preparatory school. When she unfortunately experiences the murder of her long time friend Khalil, it really opens her eyes to a new perspective on racism in the lives of people. Nobody really understood the great importance of Khalil’s death, and only really associated him with the fact that he was a potential drug dealer. Because of this idea or opinion, they let themselves believe that it was okay for an officer to have killed an innocent guy, when he didn’t deserve it at all.

This tragic event allows Starr to find her voice within the world and speak up for an injustice. Even though Khalil did not deserve to die, his death gave Starr the chance to speak up as a witness and protect and defend him, when he couldn’t do it himself.


Books like these allow readers to see parts of life that they may not know about or have ever experienced. Sometimes people can resort to insulting or being rude when they don’t understand different cultures, or when they can’t comprehend how people go through certain issues in life, like mental illnesses or racism.

These novels not only expand the world of books making it bigger and better, but they have given books more purposes than being light and fluffy escapes. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love light and fluffy books, but sometimes a book that has depth and meaning can do me good.

                             purposes of books

  • a fun escape from the real world
  • talking about uncomfortable topics
  • for a writer to be creative and floww
  • bringing up serious topics
  • letting the imagination create something amazing

Books can do so much and it s important that we use them to their full potentials, or they’re not accomplishing the full job they were created for.

   Books I’m Excited For






These books are only five of the many novels that I am excited to read about in 2019, and I absolutely thrilled to soon get my hands on these.


Diverse YA books are coming full-speed into 2019, and I for one cannot wait for the many books that have come out, and the ones that will come out, that will impact people greatly with their topics and stories.

What books are you reading now, and what books are you excited for in the diversity age of books?? Its only February, but I for one am very thrilled to see where  and how this era will inspire and motivate people.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time….


8 thoughts on “Black History Month P.1 : Why I’m Excited for Diverse Books in 2019 + Books I’m Excited For

  1. I’m really impressed along with your writing talents as well as with the layout on your weblog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Anyway stay up the nice high quality writing, it’s rare
    to look a great blog like this one these days..


    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! The theme is customized by me, but it is a free theme. I will, thank you so much. It’s nice to know my work is appreciated.


  2. Ooo, happy black history month! I’m half Latina half American but I’m still here to celebrate 😀 I’m really late on the new YA books, haha. I really wanna read The Hate U Give. I have it on hold at my library, haha. I’m also excited for With the Fire on High. This was a really nice post, I enjoyed it 🙂 x

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