‘Tis the Season of Midterms P.2 • How I Take Aesthetically Pleasing Notes | Gianna & Gemini

Midterm season is finally here and surprisingly, I don’t feel the littlest bit stressed.

By the time this post is finally uploaded midterm season will have passed by two or so days, but as of right now while I am sitting in the midst of notes and papers, I do not feel even the littlest amount of stress, and I’d like to thank that on my wonderfully written notes.

It’s kind of freaking me out about how much I’m being so calm about everything, because I’m literally writing this post when I should be studying for the two tests I have tomorrow, and yet, I’m feeling just super at ease about all of it. Even when I was taking the first two tests and didn’t know an answer, I just thought about it logically, instead of having a mini panic attack.

So today, I’d like to share the notes that kept me so happy and determined to study, and the process that I went through to make them!


 know what you’re studying for

While this is an obvious step, it definitely is important in making your ideal notes. Know when you’re studying for, and the subject that you are studying for.

Depending on the subject, you could be good or bad at the subject that you are learning for. So if you are good at the subject, then you won’t need as much notes written on the subject, if you’re struggling with the topic, then making detailed notes with you have to understand would be better for you.

 using color can be a game changer

For me, my main goal was to create a study or review sheet for my classes I was studying for. I knew that I had to study for midterms, but it’s hard for me to distinguish what’s important in my messy notebooks that are in plain black pen. 



But the main issue with using color, is that I’ve seen notes and bullet journals where they use color just to use color. With these notes, the color should be helping you organize things, picking one or two colors to use to keep everything labeled and distinguished is very helpful.

The best way to do this would to be have a key, telling you what colors belong with what, so you don’t get confused.

  • blue for vocabulary
  • yellow for important facts
  • purple for chapter titles



1. read through your notes and textbook, and find out what’s important.

Reading through your notes will not only help you remember everything again, it’ll help you figure out what’s important to know and what you already know. If the subject you’re studying for isn’t your strongest one, then maybe writing more detailed and informative notes would be more helpful. If the topic is something you’re skilled in, then your notes won’t have to be as detailed.

writings in a planner

TIP: But as you’re writing these notes, you’re also retaining information, because it is a known fact that when you write things, it’s more likely for you to retain it better.

Once you read through you’ll have been given a refreshing look at all the chapters, you’ll;

  • have given yourself a much needed review of the chapter
  • know what you need to write
  • feel much less stressed about studying

2. choose your color theme

Like I said earlier, color theme is crucial. While it brings a pop of color into your post, it also helps organize your writing, so everything isn’t just a blob of black pen.

Because at least for me, plain black pen can just become boring and tough to read, especially when I am not in the mood for studying. Having color that is for certain purposes, like having pink for vocabulary, can let me:

  • separate the vocabulary from the facts
  • make my notes look pretty
  • find certain topics in an easier manner
  • allow me to have fun with cursive and designs
  • lets me be creative

3. write your notes, adding little touches to keep them interesting

I’m a visual learner, so having drawn out examples, graphs, or having it all broken down into pieces can help me understand better. Truthfully, it all depends on the type of person you are and the way that you study. 

I’m more of a facts and memorizing like of girl, so that kind of method works for me, but for some, NOT SO MUCH.

Allow your notes to be effective not only for midterms, but also finals when you’re needing to look back on old topics that you may have forgotten (or thrown out of memory). This leaves finals to be way easier, because you’re not having to make photocopies of thousands of notes from months and months back.

4. have fun with it!

School itself isn’t the best place in the world, and it is definitely no Disney Land. But making it fun for yourself helps in the way that you’re not getting bored or unmotivated, because you HAVE TO STUDY. Seeing that low grade isn’t an option, but if that situation does happen to occur, at least you studied and worked hard, AT LEAST YOU TRIED.


How was your finals/midterms?? If you did well, that’s amazing. And if you did not so well, then remember: it only counts for just 20% of your grade, and one test for each subject DOES NOT DEFINE YOU, or how you are in school.

And plus, these beautifully aesthetic notes will definitely get you up and motivated to study, if you aren’t yet.

Until next time…







8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Midterms P.2 • How I Take Aesthetically Pleasing Notes | Gianna & Gemini”

  1. Aah I have final exams and I’ve been stressing a lot today because I had cramps, a running nose and annoying siblings which led to disturbed studying. I’m hoping to use this note taking technique tomorrow to really get a feel for what I’m going to write on the test. Thank you!!

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