Sophomore Year Q & A • Maintaining Good Grades, Survival of the Fittest, Drowning in Homework, & Slight Procrastination | Gianna & Gemini

School has made its grand appearance yet again, and once again, I’m not ready for this.

It has been 13 (ish)  days of school, and already I’ve already have at least 4 or more tests, like 7 papers done and due soon, and an enormous amount of homework that I cannot even begin to explain. In lesser words, its been a LOT OF WORK.

But even through all this, I’ve still somehow managed everything and gotten everything completed that needs to be done. Now, I have no coherent explanation, or even an explanation at all, as to how I’ve done any of this.

But since I’m doing well at school life so far, I thought it would be fun to share my advice that you all are longing for, so I had you all ask me some questions (check my twitter if you want to join in on these polls) about anything school related!



how do you stop procrastinating?

I’m a procrastinator at heart. It’s always been something I’ve dealt with, specifically because I can get lazy doing things that I don’t care about and don’t really want to do.

And even though the work I’m doing all goes to my grades, after 16-ish years of school the motivation for it all becomes a bit iffy.

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But, I’ve learnt also that it’s just even worse when I get that feeling of stress and feeling rushed all because I decided to put of doing something not even that hard until the last minute. So it’s definitely better to do the work as much as possibly can when assigned until you can complete it and get it out of the way.

School will always seem much easier when you don’t procrastinate. And trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way, because even though procrastination still gets you good grades, the feeling of stress is TERRIBLE.


how do you like wearing uniforms?

I’ve worn uniforms all my life, not including preschool, so it has become practically second nature for me. If we are wearing non-uniform, I usually have to pay at least five dollars to do so.

Image result for school pickin out my outfit gif

And quite honestly, I have gotten used to it and it’s not a big deal to me like it would be to others. It takes away that step of having to pick out my clothes, because I know that I’d take forever every single day and it would become a terrible hassle. The fact that all I have to do each day is pick out from a few shirts and skirts to create my daily outfit is literally a blessing and fine by me!


how do i balance school and work?

Quite honestly, I don’t.

I have to go to school and soccer every single day, and then on the weekend when it’s supposed to be my break, I’m doing even MORE WORK??

Quite truthfully, I don’t enjoy going to work at all. Having to put on a uniform, making food for people who aren’t even grateful for my doing?? But the day that I got that first paycheck.. that day just made me sooo happy and proved to me that gaining money out of all that made it worth even, even if it wasn’t enjoyable. 

Image result for mr krabs i love money gif

But here are a few tips that I do have for you all about balancing both work and school:

  1. If you’re working weekends like me, don’t make it so you have homework to do on the weekends. You don’t want to come home after work and have to start doing school, it’s not a good feeling AT ALL.
  2. Pack your school stuff the night before, if you’re working a Sunday. It just makes it easier so in the morning you have less to do.
  3. don’t want to hate school. if you keep saying that you hate school eventually you’re going to start believing that.


how do you handle feeling like you’re drowning in homework?

Every one in a while, all the teachers suddenly gain up on us students and pack on an inhumane amount of homework on us. And while it is unnecessary, we do still have to complete all that homework, and simply the sight of it for me at least gives me stress.

But for me usually, all the work I have to do is scheduled throughout the week, which makes it a little easier knowing I don’t have to complete all of it in one night. But I do know that sometimes it’s not and all your teachers can give you homework due the next day unintentionally, so here’s a list of what you can try in different circumstances.  

  • if the work is over a period of time, do a little bit of the assignment each night so it won’t feel as much work.
  • some schools have study periods. if your school is part of that, try to do a good portion of it at school so you won’t have as much to do later
  • just work hard and do your best!
  • if you’re trying then you’re doing great already!
  • don’t give up, your grades are important, just because it feels hard doesn’t mean you should quit..
  • the good grades as the end result will make you feel amazing!


how do you stay motivated?

All you have to remember is a little simple statement:


When you get that test back, or when you’re given your report card, what grade do you want to see? Will that bad grade you get because you didn’t feel like doing the work at the time really make you happy?

I’m going to guess the answer is no, so get yourself motivated and work hard!!

Image result for do your best gif

As humans, we all hate failure. The feeling that you feel that you didn’t live up to all your potential isn’t the best feeling in the world, so as a result you’re going to have to try to succeed and do your best.

If you’re okay with getting a bad grade, then let yourself slip away and not do the work, but if you’re not, know that you have to work your hardest and then you’ll succeed.


how can i stop hating school?

I am working on fixing this with myself currently, but I feel like it’s working so far.

If everyday you’re grumpy about going to school and tell yourself that you hate your school and you don’t want to go and that you hate everyone, then soon enough you’re going to believe it.

And I know that you can’t immediately turn from hatred to positivity, but a little each day can go a long way.

Image result for stay positiveWake up each day and say something optimistic and positive, and if something is wrong, that’s okay, bad things happen but all that matters is that you’re able to stay strong and keep going.

Plus, you don’t want your memories of these past to be all negative. Just because other people are normalizing hating school– a place you must go to every day- never meant that you had to join them. Because it’s NOT normal, and we need to realize that.


School is like a race. Students in the same grade race against each other, trying to race to the finish line.

When you work hard and do well, you’re running faster and faster, getting ahead of some people as you fly by. But the moment that you’re resting and not working as hard, you can slip and fall and other people can run ahead of you in these moments.

It can be hard and tiring at times, but what we need to do is to keep running and accelerating, because that’s the only way we’re ever going to make it to the finish line.


I absolutely loved writing this post and answering all of your questions, it was so fun!

School’s already becoming a hassle, but I promise you all that I’m going to keep up with this blog, one way or another!

If you have any more questions, I can answer them in the comments below!!

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “Sophomore Year Q & A • Maintaining Good Grades, Survival of the Fittest, Drowning in Homework, & Slight Procrastination | Gianna & Gemini

  1. I love all your featured images! They’re so pretty. And procrastination. It’s a sad thing that sticks with you even if you’ve graduated (I’m proof XD). This was a super enjoyable post, Gemini! Also I’ve worked some jobs I really didn’t like, but I agree – the paycheck DEFINITELY brightens it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m constantly going through procrastination in school and I hope it doesn’t stick, although it probably will!! Thank for you enjoying the post, it makes my day! It definitely does, so I hope I can get through my current one. But I’m sure when I’m through with college I’ll get a job that I’ll truly enjoy and have fun at. 😊


      1. It’s just something you have to push through, unfortunately. Aww, you’re welcome! Yeah, that’s a good idea – I would hate to get stuck in a job I hated. Sadly, that happens to a lot of people.

        Liked by 1 person

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