The First Day of Sophomore Year EXPLAINED • BTS With Gianna | Gianna & Gemini

I’m a sophomore!!

That’s super exciting because it means I’m 2 years away from graduating and getting out of this dreaded place, but it also sadly means that this BTS With Gianna series must come to a close. And that’s also sad because it means school is coming up soon. 

But in case you missed any of the other posts in the series, I’m giving you the opportunity to just go back and read the previous posts if you’d like:

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So if any of you read the previous posts in this series, you’ll realize that I was really dreading going back to school, and I was overall nervous. But for some weird reason writing all these posts helped me out and calmed me down about it. But don’t ask me how, because I honestly cannot explain it.

Sophomore year is a step higher on this metaphorical ladder, and I obviously want to be able to handle this year well and have an overall good time. But for the school year to go well, the beginning has to have a smooth start. So today, let’s take a sneak peek into my first day of sophomore year and see how well that went!




Do you know how hard it is to wake up at SIX IN THE MORNING and having to get up after a whole summer of waking up at six and relaxing?? IT’S HARD. I mean.. I naturally wake up at six, but having to wake up at six and have to go somewhere is an entirely different situation.

Image result for i dont want to wake up gif

But waking up for school wasn’t really a problem for me, because like I said, I naturally wake up early. But I was just filled with mixed emotions about school: nervousness, excitement, anger, ect. I wanted to go back, but at the same time, I knew everything that school could offer and definitely didn’t want to feel stressed and tired all the time.

I want to go to school, but at the same time, I’d be perfectly happy if it didn’t exist at all. 


I don’t necessarily hate any of my classes, but I don’t necessarily love them.

You see, my favorite teacher from last year (math teacher) quit working at the school I go to, to go work somewhere else. She was so relatable and funny, and even though she was teaching us, it never felt that way. She taught in an unconventional type of way that definitely helped all the students.

With the rest, I can already tell how it’s going to be:

1) Lectures– teachers talking endlessly about a topic that interests them, but not the students, and not even bothering to make it the least bit interesting. like if they’re going to talk endlessly like that, make it entertaining.

2) Notes– having the teacher either write notes on the board for us to copy word for word while they talk (as if you’re going to pay attention to them while you take notes), or you scramble to write notes from what they’re saying and the mess of incoherent words on the board.

It’s not the best thing to do every day for 45 minutes, but somehow I manage to entertain myself and get through it.


Having eaten only half a breakfast this morning (I always eat half my breakfast, never fully. It’s a weird habit of mine.) by ten in the morning my stomach is already grumbling fiercely, so lunch is definitely an important for me.

Image result for i love lunch gif

And surprisingly, the lunch group hasn’t changed that much, so this year I am sitting at the same exact table as last year with a majority of the same people.

The people at the table are quite nice and accepting, so I don’t mind sitting with them at all as long as I am able to munch on my yummy food.


Soccer was… well, it was soccer.

It was like an evaluation of our skills, as well as practicing some new plays and skills as well. It wasn’t too hard, but with the mild heat, I think everyone was getting a bit winded out there.

There were also a new girl, who is a junior! And although she’s a grade older than me, she really is a nice person and so relatable and funny that it’s really easy to talk to her without feeling nervous or anything! Everyone pretty much likes her already anyways, so she’s going to be golden this year.


My first day of school went.. alright!! I’m not particularly happy that I had to go back, but it’s obviously someplace that I have to go to.. so I might as well adjust.

Have any of you started school yet? If so, how was your first day? Was it at a new school or at a school you’ve previously attended? Either way, I hope your year is as stress-free as possible and that you can enjoy it as well!




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