A Letter To My Senior Self • BTS With Gianna | Gianna & Gemini

Dear Gianna,


(I’m a little jealous that you’re free from prison and I’m still stuck… but it’s fine…)

I hope that even though we probably didn’t remember every single thing we learned  in high school, I hope you learned so much about yourself and have learned to love yourself in your own skin. I hope that you’ve discovered who you are as a person I hope that you’ve made a few irreplaceable friends who will actually stick with you beyond high school.

But I also hope that you’re in a good place in your life. But if you’re not, remember that we’re a strong person who can and will fight her own battles. In the moment everything will seem like it’s practically holding on by a thread, but know that all you need to fix that is a little needle and thread. Also.. I know that we stress over the little things a lot, so let’s try to keep that to a minimum.

And also as a little reminder, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t do anything bad that’ll affect me in the future. I think you have probably heard enough speeches to have that practically drilled into your head right now. But if you have considered or even done any of that, go throw it all away in the trash right now. We don’t need that in our lives. Nobody can pressure you into doing anything and if they try, they aren’t the friend for you.

I’m kinda hoping that your hair is elbow length by now.. just saying…

OH.. and how’s driving?? I am sure right now that I’m a pretty fast learner and a good driver for someone who gets distracted and forgets everything so easily. I’m sure it’s just leave the house and drive somewhere without asking a parent for a ride. Cause that’s what I’m going through now… sooo.. don’t make fun of me. 

Anyways, how’s everything college going? Have you been on any college tours? Which ones really stood out to you and impressed you? WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO COLLEGE IN THE FALL? What’s your major?? Just remember that no matter how many times your parents or anyone tell you that Harvard is the best… aim for the best obviously… but you don’t have to go to Harvard to be proud. 

And how’s blogging going?? Are you still invested in it? What things have changed for the better or for the worse?

As you can tell I’m not that concerned with the little technicalities of high school: drama, crazy experiences, ect. I’m just hoping that all of it was absolutely perfect and amazing, and I’m excited to see it all for myself. A good time is all I’m really asking for (along with great grades).

Anyways, all I’m really saying is hello.

You’re graduating. I just wanted to talk, see how you were. Throughout all the daily craziness and stress, I think it’s needed to just sit down and take a breather and just BE PROUD of yourself for what you have done. Not everything has to be all work and no play.

To love yourself and be as self-involved as possible, because sometimes that’s needed.

So here are my last words of encouragement before I let you go….

Live live your life to the fullest and experience everything you possible can- no regrets. Don’t forget TO BE HAPPY.

Until we meet again…


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