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For most, the first day of school is the MOST important school day of the year.

That first day is the chance for some to come back from their “amazing” summer and start the new year with a BANG. New hair, new style, amazing friends, and (hopefully) perfect skin. To put it in simpler words, we want to come back to school looking better than the last year, leaving our fellow classmates in complete and utter awe.

And although that is the ideal goal for all of us, how well does that plan go?

We definitely all want the morning of the first day, as well as the the first day of school to go as smooth as possible. But as much as we want that, we can’t help ourselves when we accidentally wake up late, or when our desired first day hairstyle isn’t styling right.. although we had tried it out the day before and it was perfect then so why can’t everything perfect now.

And I’ve seen so many YouTube videos of people who are making these wonderfully put together clips of their morning routine (not trying to be rude to those people) and although it can definitely look amazing, looks can be deceiving. So why not share the realistic truth for some people’s first day morning routines?


Waking Up

The worst part.

A few minutes after waking up, you’ll immediately remember it’s the first day of school. And quite honestly, I can’t blame you, how can you forget? You’re probably excited to go back, but also nervous, and at the same time angry that school even exists in the first place.

Image result for waking up for school gif

But now that you know you have be up and getting ready to go somewhere, you actually have to- you know- get out of bed? OH, and remember when I said that waking up was bad? Well, I take that back. Having to actually get out of bed is the real torture.

And if you think otherwise, than try to wake up at 6:00 everyday for 10 months and go to a school for 8 hours, along with any afterschool activities. And quite honestly, that’s probably why kids drop out of school (not that i’m condoning that…) just to not do that. And having to leave our little pets every single day….? COMPLETE ToRTURE.

Getting Ready

Nobody likes getting ready. I mean, the final result of looking amazing is always the best part, but nobody wants to actually go through with it… do you get me? The aftermath of me getting ready is usually decent. I look alright enough to be able to leave the house.

And I know I’m a morning person, so that’s supposed to mean that I’m an easy riser. But when I know I have to be a school, a little procrastination will always take place.

Image result for morning routine gif

But as I get ready, I do entertain myself usually by watching YouTube videos or catching up on some TV shows that I watch. It’s not the best thing to do in the morning, but its my form of motivation. Cause honestly? NObody wakes up in the morning immediately motivated it sit in classrooms for 8 hours. Watching some form of video can distract you from feeling mopey about going to school!

But the first day of school still is the first day, so you are obviously going to try a little bit more than usual, right? Those fifteen minutes you spend picking out your outfit was definitely worth it. We want the walk into that building on this day to look like we’re models going down a catwalk, not like we’re tired and groggy (which we are probably actually).


Breakfast is quite rushed on school mornings in our household. See the thing is that I’m expected to make breakfast for my two brothers, which I do most of the time, but it’s usually made after some rushing to finish my getting ready process. 

Cause it’s like the domino effect. Because I watch YouTube videos or TV shows as I am getting ready, it slightly slows me down. And when I’m being slowed down, it takes away time that I could be making breakfast and moving on with my morning routine.

But it always gets done, so I guess the slight procrastination works out for me, right?

Image result for i love procrastination gif

The Drive to School

While you’re in a car driving yourself, a bus, carpool, or driving yourself to school, in all of these situations you’re probably contemplating how the first day back will go. Will there be any new students? Will you have classes with any of your friends? Will your classes be good??

And it’s weird right, because why are you nervous and excited for a place that you normally aren’t excited to go to? Because it’s THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. 

Image result for first day of school gif
we all need to be as excited for school as nemo.

wAnd for some reason, the first day of school is important even if you have been at that school for a few years or if it’s your first day at a new school. Why? Because it’s a new year with new possibilities. New students could come, and that could completely shake up what was “normal” from the year before. You just never know.

But out of all of that happening, the one thing that you need to make sure is good and stable is yourself, and the first day…well, it’s the perfect day to execute that. And like they say, the first day is the groundwork for the rest. Or that may be a phrase I just made up now because I couldn’t think of one, but that’s not the point.

But now.. it’s time for you to go to school. So try to have fun and make it somewhat of a good day, despite the doubts.


This post by far was the most fun post I’ve written so far in this BTS With Gianna series!

But when was your first day of school, and what was it like? Were you a new student at a new school or a regular attender at your usual school? I hope that whatever you’re going through with school is going smoothly! I go back August 30, so wish me luck as well!

But also, if you’d like me to do a truth about the actual first day; lunch, the classes, friends, ect, I would absolutely love to write that.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time…


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