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Summer is 93 days and school is 180 days?? The logic in that is nonexistent.

Who thought it was okay for people to go school for eleven months; months filled with stress, anger, happiness, and sadness all piled into one. But then.. A TWO AND A HALF MONTH BREAK??

i will never understand.

But even so, we’re all going to have to go back to school at some point and endure another school year once again, so why not get ready??

Because at least in the back of my mind, when I realize that summer is running to end and school is quickly approaching, my mind immediately thinks thoughts of hatred and stress and procrastination. And it’s definitely important to get our mindset away from the negative going into a new fresh year.

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The logic behind school may be a lot iffy, but we all know that it has it’s importance and if we must go to school, we might as well do it the right way. So today, I’ll be sharing ways to be mentally prepared for school!


1. associate positive things with school.

Each year, we let ourselves feel these negative emotions about school. People have normalized children hating the idea of school, and I think that by doing that we’re hurting ourselves. Why do people think it’s funny and normal that kids are more and more hating school? I don’t know, but I know that if we’re going there every day we might as well enjoy it even if it’s just the slightest. 

So to fix this mindset, you have to change your outlook on school.

I like to think about the things I really enjoy about school; my favorite classes, some of my friends there, the after school activities I’m excited to participate in. When you focus on the good, you’ll feel so excited and happy that the bad isn’t so important after all. 

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If you already have your class schedule, call some of your friends and find out if your schedules are similar! You’re likely to have at least one class with them and it’ll definitely make you feel happy knowing you won’t have to go through that part of the day alone.

2. start preparing going to bed early.

When you’re tired, you start feeling grumpy and upset and your thoughts and actions are different than if you were refreshed and energized, so it’s definitely important that you need a good nights sleep.

Each night as you prepare for the upcoming school year go to bed earlier and earlier until you reach the bedtime that you prefer. Nobody likes going to bed early in the summer, but it’s better to do this to be physically and mentally healthy.

Cause I have known people who will come to school and they will complain about being tired. They’ll talk about how they went to bed at like 2 AM and woke up late and all that stuff, and I used to feel bad for them, but then I also realized that if they really want to fix that for themselves, they have to do it… well, themselves.

And also, I’ve been there. I’ve also gotten not enough sleep and woken up for school and I absolutely did not want to go and just felt so tired. It can happen sometimes, but for that to happen every single day must be the worst feeling to wake up to.

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Because even though a large portion of us dislike going to school in general, why make it even more miserable on ourselves by deprived ourselves of much needed sleep?

There’s no reason to punish ourselves in going to someone where we have to be.

3. start of school completely stress free.

I have this “wonderful” habit of procrastination all of my summer school work until August, and even then when I start it, the books are the least entertaining things in the world, so I also procrastinate reading those.

It’s probably the worst habit to have, but I’m trying to change, and I’d like to stop any of you before you get into it as well.

PLEASE DO YOUR WORK AT LEAST A MONTH IN ADVANCE. I cannot stress that enough, because you’re going to want some time away from school. If you do your summer reading last, at the end of the month, you’ll be starting off school with school practically, and no one wants that.

To explain it better, it’s like ending the summer doing school and thinking about school, then having to go right into literal school right afterwards.

4. take a minute to sit with yourself and get your goals set.

Having goals is the only way that inspires me at least, but it definitely can help anyone just stay on the right path even during the middle of the year when you’re absolutely ready to quit.

Writing down goals can give you something to reach towards during the school year, something you’re desperately trying to reach.

And this can be great for people who dislike school, because I think it can help you put your life in check and feel more organized. And everyone LOVES accomplishing goals, so I really think this’ll be beneficial towards people.

5. watch fun back to school videos!

Whether it’s GRWM’s, first day vlogs, advice, or haul videos, going on YouTube and taking that time to watch back to school videos can help you feel excited and ready for school!

Image result for getting ready for school gif

I absolutely love relaxing and watching these, because I have found that the YouTubers who really love and enjoy preparing and going back to school are the people who are posting back to school content!

Just watch those people, and in no time you yourself could start to feel the excitement of going back.. but then again, there’s the possibility that they could make you nervous about school, but not think like that.


Who’s ready for this BTS With Gianna series?? I’m super excited to be sharing all of my tips and tricks that I’ve gained throughout the years! What kind of posts would you all like to see in this series??

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “How To Be Mentally Prepared For Going Back to School • BTS With Gianna| Gianna & Gemini”

  1. How did I not read much of your posts until now? I’m in love with your writing and you honestly deserve much more recognition. 💗
    Omg this post was very helpful and true. We always joke about how school sucks and all that when low-key most of our fun memories come from school and I hate to admit it but when we have school break or something, I miss having something to do throughout the day instead of lying on the couch and watching Turkish dramas 😂 It’s very important to set goals like you said! I also like writing letters to my last day of school self. 😂 It sounds silly but it hypes me up to see what this year has in store in me. Love this post and can’t wait for more from your BTS series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG, you just made my day with this comment!!!
      We always joke about how it such, but we definitely don’t realize how it’s a big part of our lives!
      And I agree with you, sometimes relaxing on the couch can be a little tiring at times!!
      Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

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