How To Come Back to Blogging After A LONG Break (What To/Not To Do) | Gianna & Gemini

In everything there’s always the unspoken rules that you have to know and follow. And unfortunately, blogging is part of that.

But then again, if we were always told the rules and we didn’t have to figure them all out by ourselves, then we wouldn’t have embarrassing blogger moments to look back on and we could not have made all these mistakes.

But I’ve noticed more and more that bloggers have been writing posts about these unspoken rules and spilling the tea on everything that most younger bloggers have had to struggle through and figure out by ourselves.


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Like, if I had to painfully struggle to learn all about blogging, (and I STILL haven’t learned it all) why are you all spilling the tea on the deep secrets!!?? 

But… I guess being generous is a good thing. We wouldn’t want any of you quitting out of sheer embarrassment or anything like that, so I might as well share the long awaited secret on what to do after coming back from a long break. 

Also, the tips and things I’ll be sharing here today are tips that work best for me. If they don’t work for you, that is alright, but I’m just sharing everything I’ve learned so far. 


Once you’ve first decided to end the hiatus and come back, NEVER make an apology post.

I used to make apology post, such as such as this one when my younger brother had his BIRTHDAY PARTY. I wrote an apology post because my brother had a birthday party. Who apologizes to their readers because they chose to not write a post for ONE DAY???

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Me, that’s who.

Sometimes there are situations in life that you can’t miss, and you shouldn’t have to apologize for living you life and spending time with other people who you also care about. Blogging is always important, but life experiences with family and friends are things that you can’t take back, and missing them will just make you regret that.

NEVER blow off life events for blogging, because in all truth, we’re still going to be here the moment you come back. 

We read everything you write because we enjoy it, so we aren’t going to leave because you missed one day of posting. 


Don’t tell people about your lack of ideas, if there is one.

Coming back from a few week long break, your readers don’t want to read about you making excuses or complaining that you still are in fact brain dead.

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You went on break for that exact reason, remember??

People are going to immediately assume that you have ideas, fresh from your break, so make it possible to avoid having to make an apology.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to constantly work on blogging on your break– because you took the break so you could relax and get away from that for a bit- but every once in a while, take a bit of time to sit back and write down a few ideas.

You want to come back to your readers armed, full of ideas and a brain filled with words to use!


Get away from social media, blogging, JUST EVERYTHING.

To make sure that you come back absolutely fresh, put everything on the backburner for a week or two during your break before you start thinking up ideas.

For you, blogging is a priority and sometimes it is okay to have to put that down for a little bit and just live life away from all that. But having social media and the Internet near you can be tempting and just makes you compare yourself to others, or it can cause you not to gain anything from your break because you are still near the cause of the situation.

When you come back refreshed from being away from all that, you’ll really feel better knowing that you have a fresh pair of eyes instead of worn out ones.


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Everything will still be okay and fine when you get back.

Because when I was on a little break when it was nearing the end of the school year, it was definitely hard to get away from technology just because I still needed it for school. So I was never able to get a refresher away from blogging, because nothing was stopping me from going on all that.

I still wrote posts on my break, I still commented on other blogs, it was practically like I never left the blogging community. I was still there, I just hadn’t posted. And it wasn’t very helping, so I’d rather not anyone else experience a useless break.

And lastly, be PREPARED to start working hard again and writing fantastic posts!

YOU KNOW that when you come back you’re going to have to have content to publish.

So although you should take a week or two (take at least half of your break to rest, and half to work on creating content) to relax and regenerate, coming back empty handed is never good for anybody. 

But most importantly, even more important than blogging, make sure your physical and mental health is at a good place in your life and that you’re ready in all aspects to begin writing posts for your blog.

Your followers obviously love reading your posts, but if it’s hurting you, then I’m sure people will understand the need for you to go away for a bit and fix all that.


Have you ever been on a hiatus/break? And if so, are tips you found useful, we’d love to hear them in the comments?

Also, how’s your summer going? I’m planning on starting the BTS (back to school) series the week after next week, how’s that with everyone?

Until next time…




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