HAPPY SECOND BLOGIVERSARY • Blog Party!!| Gianna & Gemini

I’ve officially been a mother for exactly 2 years..

Now, I haven’t exactly been changing diapers or teaching a kid how to walk and talk, but I’d like to still think that having a baby for two years without it getting lost is a bit of an accomplishment.

I’ve fed this little girl with words and thoughts and sheer happiness, so I’d like to believe that you all have benefited from her presence, like I had.

Its been absolutely amazing to be in this journey will all of you, knowing that you all support this blog and have taken time to comment lovely things to me. It’s just makes this all so much more worth it.

But this whole post won’t be so sappy, so let’s get on with it!! I’ll be mushy for just a bit, don’t worry!

And yes, I’m posting this NOT ON FRIDAY? But the anniversary is today, so I think this is better than on Friday!!

Having this blog has just impacted me so much and has allowed me to meet so many new people and friends and learn new things and start to write better.

My writing style has matured and expanded, and the topics I talk about is my more fitting and fun to me.

It’s made me a different person.

Before, talking to people online who I have never met before was really weird and scary for me. But then again, I never thought that I’d love it so much and that I’d become the person encouraging and joining in on this conversation.

And because I know first hand how blogging is inspiration and fun and therapeutic and amazing, I want to give other people a chance to meet amazing people as well.

Because I KNOW that we don’t know all the other bloggers on here, and we probably don’t even talk to half of the other people on here.



Everyone is invited!!

All you have to do is follow the three extremely simple rules:

  1. Try to comment and follow other bloggers, it’s the easiest way to make a quick friend!
  2. Don’t spam your comment!! Posting it once is enough times for people to see it!
  3. Invite other people to the party; the more people the better!!
  • Don’t forget to comment and chat with other people!!

  • Until next time…
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    8 thoughts on “HAPPY SECOND BLOGIVERSARY • Blog Party!!| Gianna & Gemini”

    1. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so proud, and I hope you have an amazing third year! I find this incredibly interesting, considering our blogaversaries are a few days apart. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. congratulations, i am very happy for you! my name is arabella, but you can call me ella, and i live in the beautiful yet busy city of london! i post lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts and i would really appreciate it if you would come along and have a read! x

      Liked by 2 people

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