Love, Simon + The Absolute Cuteness of It All | Gianna & Gemini

Simply screaming at the amount of cuteness overload.


And before you all start attacking me as to why I’ve watched it so late, I can’t even give you a good answer. The only movie I’ve watched exactly when it came out was Black Panther, which I wrote a post about.

Like I scream at the cuteness over a lot of shows and movies, but SIMON AND GRAM??

I expected it, but at the same time I did not expect it AT ALL.

If that doesn’t show you love exists and can turn one into mush, I don’t know what does.

Also, this was the first LGBT+ romance movie that I’ve ever watched, and I absolutely loved it!! It was so heartwarming and lovey-dovey and had me squealing in excitement or second-hand embarrassment.

But be ready for SPOILERS! I give a lot of the movie away in this post so if you’re planning to watch it and haven’t.. watch it and come back!

So shall we speak of the amazingness of the movie and be happy for Simon’s happy moments and Simon’s sad moments altogether???

Yes, yes we shall.

From the start, I knew I’d love this movie.

And I was right.

Everything about it was so heart- wrenching and cute and it definitely spoke about how hard it is coming out, especially when you’re completely blind to how the other person will act.

And although the actor who played Simon wasn’t gay himself, he really portrayed the role well, and I’m sure it was inspiring to many people going through Simons situation.

Image result for love simon friends leaving him gif

I just loved it how Simon was just so raw and realistic and just his lovable self. And even though he hurt a few people in the process of keeping it all together, HE. WAS. SCARED. His fear made him do things that weren’t exactly rational or right. but at the time he was caring for himself and protecting himself. 

And I’d like to confidently say that he should’ve just trusted his friends, because they were basically his family and knew him best. But telling your friends something about you that can potentially change their view about you can potentially be scary. He didn’t want anything to change, and so no change was the best without them knowing.

But then again, it’s all the fault of MARTIN.

Martin, to this day, gets me angry because he didn’t have the right to say what he did about Simon. “I should have been able to tell my friends and family myself, in my own way. YOU stole that from me.” And he was right, because it was his life and his story to share and Martin ripped that away from him. And I’m only assuming here, but I think that Simon at the time wasn’t fully ready to reveal that he was gay, and it was just blurted out for the world to hear and read by Martin, simply because he as mad.

Image result for love simon simon yells at martin gif

It’s not fair to Simon and to any other person having to come out. They deserve to be able to confidently tell people when they’re ready, and what happened to Simon was literally terrible and I wish it could’ve gone another way without having to be bullied for it and have to have all his friends leave him.

But then again, I’m happy it did happen.

And even though it was kind of harsh for Blue to abandon him when it got hard, I kinda understood and wasn’t mad at that. He was scared for himself and I was okay with that because he also has the right to come out whenever he’s ready. And even if he only had 1 hour and 50 minutes to do so.. we encourage him to do it when he’s ready… in 1 hour and 50 minutes hopefully.

Even though it all went down awfully, he was able to meet Bram (aka Blue) in the cutest way possible.

But on a slightly unrelated note, I’m happy that they were friends prior to it all. They had a fun and friendly relationship and that was really a good thing because you can’t exactly fall in love with someone you never knew. Well you probably can… but it doesn’t matter..

Related image


Them getting together made me so happy because I couldn’t imagine Simon with the blonde guy or any other person.

Simon and Bram had an irreplacable relationship and an even greater bond when they started dating. The emails were okay, but their bond in person when they were together was even more amazing. They were amazing people destined to be together, okay??

But Bram is also adorable, so this was all pleasing to the eyes.. if you know what I mean.

I’m just sooo happy that Bram stood up and met Simon on the ferris wheel, overcoming all those fears to be with Simon. How they got together was the cutest scene ever, just knowing all that they went through.

I would never do any of that seeing all those people just there.. watching a personal encounter. But even so, it was adorable and amazing knowing people suppported it and cheered it on.


I think I’m going to end it all here..

But if you’re going through what Simon went through, or something similar, just know there will be light at the end of your dark past and that it won’t stay terrible forever.

Now, let’s end on a adorable and cute note of SIMON AND GRAM!!!!!

Related image


Here’s just one more..

Related image


Okay, that’s all now!! I don’t want anyone to die because of a cuteness overload, so I’m just going to stop now. img_3003 Have you watched Love, Simon yet? I have and found it absolutely adorable and amazing and turned me to mush. What is your favorite scene from the movie?

Also, I’ve gone ahead and made this watercolor bluish cute theme here, and I’m loving it!!!

Thank you for reading! This was definitely an amazing post to write.



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