Hello WordPress… AGAIN? | Gianna & Gemini

It was a rainy and gloomy afternoon.

And there I sat, in the front left row during my Study period, but not any regular Study period.

For others, it may have been filled with stressing homework.But me? I had tossed all that into my locker for later worries.

I was more investing in re-creating the best blog that I will live to create.

Why, yes folks.

I was reinventing, recreating..

Gianna & Gemini.

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Yes, that monologue WAS in fact needed, indeed. How can you do a “i’m reviving my blog back from the dead” post without a witty and comical introduction?

The answer is that you can’t.

But hello everyone! If you didn’t read my last post, I’ll leave a link here, but it was basically saying in 1000+ words that I felt my blog was basically worthless and didn’t impact anyone, so I decided to be up front and solve the problem.

But here’s the thing my friends:

I couldn’t go and delete all the previous posts I had worked so hard on, especially after my younger brother had replied to this with an astonishing: NOOOO!!!!!

He also told me he was going to quit reading my blog if I did so, and he’s my number #1 (that I know of), so with a statement like that, its pretty hard to go and trash a year of work.

So if you’re like me, that’s definitely going to make you want to rethink some things.

Short story even shorter, I decided not to trash all my previous posts.

Who’s surprised by that?

not me gianna, if you spend more than 2 days worrying about it, it’snotfate

Anywho.. I’ve reinvented my blog and made it less cluttered and allowed it to make it feel like a second home. I love it even more now, and become a blog I am very proud to write for.

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Here’s the series that I’ll be presenting here on this blog:

Adventures of High School


My AHS series will be posting once a month, featuring some of the interesting things that happened during the month, that are memories to be saved.

I’m not going to give a specific date, because we all know how that goes.. But don’t be surprised when you see a AHS episode popping up in your feed.

Living Your Best Life


These episodes will either feature posts about my faith, or just topics in general on how to CRUSH whatever you’re facing with an iron fist.

Keep a lookout for the first premiering episode of this series, because I can be sure that it will be a series that you definitely don’t want to miss.

OH, and new posts on the entire blog will be published on MONDAY

Mondays are not the best day. Back to work, back to school. So why not brighten everyone’s Mondays with a new post?

I’m happy to have made this blog a better place to visit, and to have content that I love with all my heart as well.

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What new posts would you all like to see on the blog? Tell me in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!


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