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Not all of us want to wear uniforms, but it’s just a policy that we have to agree with.

Sometimes uniforms can be okay to wear, simply because you’re able to escape the problem of having to choose an outfit to wear. But also, uniforms can be a hassle as well, even though they were created with good intentions.

Now, you don’t need or have to have these additions to make your uniform better, I just like to do these things to give my uniform a bit of a personalized touch to it, so it’s something that I like to do myself. 

So from my own experience, I am going to give you all ways to spice up your uniform, and make it a bit more personalized.

With a uniform, shoes can make or break the finishing touch of your outfit, helping you put your signature touch into the outfit.

The shoes will help the outfit feel more homey, and make you feel more comfortable and confident, knowing that you have a touch of yourself in the outfit.

The shoes that I got this year were Sperry’s, and although they were different than the shoes that I usually get, I really like them. 

These are the shoes I got, and I’m very surprised that I even like them, because I’m more of a person who’s like the color black for school shoes, just so they can fit with every outfit that I have to wear. 

But these blue shoes were very cute, so I just had to get them, and I’m very glad that my parents agreed.

And, they were my FIRST PAIR of Sperry’s, and call me silly if you want, but I was very excited to purchase them.
Okay, I didn’t actually purchase these for the record, my mom actually did, but I did thank my mother for buying these for me, because quite honestly they were definitely expensive shoes.

I’ve realized that not all schools allow their students to wear the shoes of their choice, WHICH I FIND ABSOLUTELY LIKE A MEANIE MOVE BECAUSE IT’S JUST SHOESSS.

But even if you’re not allowed to wear shoes of your choice, SPICE IT UP! 

Having these additions to your uniform can just spice it up a little bit, and help make your uniform be different from another student’s uniform. 

And that’s amazing because with uniforms, everyone’s wearing the same thing, so it’s pretty fantabulously amazing that you can be able to spice yours up a bit. Everyone will be wearing the same thing, although you’ll all feel differently with your cloth s because of the necklaces you’ve added.

You can wear these as a statement piece (You can now see that I am pretending to be a beauty guru), so that’s the main focus of your outfit, not the uniform. 

You don’t have to go ahead and get the most  expensive backpack, because I am absolutely positive that it’s just going to work ruined with the dirty things that you put in there randomly.

Like for instance, I sometimes would be lazy and put pencils in my backpack instead of putting them inside my pencil bag, which was a bad move on my part.

The pencils would draw on the bottom of the backpack, and it would make my backpack a mess, which is probably why the one I have now is so dirty with pencil shavings and such. 

But it’s been with me for FOUR YEARS STRONG, so I don’t mind. 

But get a backpack that you’ll definitely want to keep clean for the year.  If you get a really nice-looking backpack theyyo like, then you’ll definitely want to keep it nice for that year. 

And lastly, hair accessories will be the final touch. 

You don’t need to wear hair accessories every day, especially because with you already wearing the bracelets, necklaces, and nice shoes, it’ll be way to much just so add in hair accessories.

But that’s my decision at least.

Overall, just dress how you like, because it’s all about how confident and comfortable you feel in an outfit, so add whatever accessories you’d like, using this post, but go about it yourself.

Do you wear uniforms at your school?

If so, list any way that you use to jazz up your uniform a bit in the comments, I’d love to hear your ways!!

Until next time..



    1. Oh well, sorry!! I was just going off of the guidelines and rules that my school allows, so I was just giving tips that I thought would work based off of mine.
      But at least one thing that great for you is that you can choose the PERFECT bag!!

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