Back to School | The Struggles

For most of us, we are distracted by the cute stationary pieces and the cute notebooks that are being sold at stores, so we don’t really realize that we are walking into school.

Like I can’t hear you, the cute school supplies are calling my name, sorry!

And by now, I’ve come to the conclusion that stores are purposely selling to students cute supplies, so they will be momentarily distracted by the supplies for so long; that they will completely forget how school is a trap filled with struggles.

Yes, school had the good properties; being able to see your friends, some fun classes, having to walk down and up the stairs from class to class (maybe not everyone enjoys that, but I enjoy that), and much more.

But don’t forget, there are still struggles hidden behind those positives.

Oh, and thank you to Isla @ Whisper of Ink for commenting me the suggestion to do this post!


Yeah yeah, at this moment I can already distantly, yet distinctly hear my parents telling me that you can just make new friends.

And although that is great advice (Thank you, parents.) sometimes you just want to become a small introvert and NOT talk to people, but sometimes you do.

It’s an upsetting moment when you and your friends all discuss your schedules and you only have 2 or less classes together.


Now, all of you probably know by now that I am a morning person, and that I hate sleeping, so you’re probably wondering how on Earth waking up early is a struggle for me.

But all summer I grow into the habit of naturally waking up at 6:25 each day exactly, but this year I have to wake up at 6:00.

Going to be hard, but not as hard as it will be for the people who wake up at eight or later and have to be at school earlier.

But even though I am a morning person, that does not mean that I enjoy waking up each morning.

It’s a struggle for me as well to leave my comfy bed, and go get ready on a normal basis, so adding a scheduled time to go somewhere in the morning definitely won’t help.


I find it as a true conspiracy that all the teachers always find one week to pile up homework on their students, and not just short worksheets, but long packets and papers.

Like come on, it’s not a coincidence that all the teachers suddenly and just randomly all decide to choose one week to give you bundles and bundles of work.

It’s so obvious that the teachers are out to get students, obviously, and want us to suffer doing the work that they have to sadly correct.

Makes sense to me. Now, does this conspiracy sound so crazy after all, does it??


And plus, homework is not an easy task. Teachers say that they give it to you so you can practice what you learn in class, but that does not mean packets and worksheets after worksheets will help.


If you also wear a uniform, you probably understand the feeling of wearing your comfortable clothes all summer, then having to transition back into wearing a uniform again.

And for me personally, wearing a uniform is easy and I like it. You don’t have to go through the trouble of picking out and outfit, because already you have an assortment of clothing for you to wear.

But it just feels weird to go back to uniforms after two months of not wearing a uniform.

Especially in the heat, wearing leggings or knee high socks are really the ideal outfit anyone would want to be wearing.


Although you do this each morning, each morning it’s a new puzzle and adventure to figuring out how you will get ready in the limited time you have.

It’s a daily occurrence, but it’s still something that we all have to go through daily; figuring out how we shall get ready in 30 minutes or an hour.

Plus, us #procrastinators need time to get ready, maybe two hours or three to get ready, because anything can be a distraction. Our crazy thoughts can bring us from doing our hair, then to pretending that our hair is like Medusa’s, a snake.


Pop quizzes are the reason that I sometimes hate surprises.

Image result for pop quiz memes

It is not a surprise to give a student a random quiz to see if they are learning anything from your class. That is what tests are for, to see if we’ve learned anything in the time period we’ve been in your class.

Do you teachers not trust us students, are we unworthy of your trust?

Because even though I know you can see in the corner of your eye, those kids, those people loudly chewing their gum, or the kids practically falling asleep, and or the people who are blatantly ignoring you and just talking to their other peers out in the open.

You- the teachers- just wait until the right moment, but not at the exact moment when the students are being disrespectful; you all wait until it’s the perfect time to give out a pop quiz or homework, and then the students can go serve their own punishments with their grades.

So I can now tell as I just re-read that as to why teachers give out pop quizzes and such, because some students just behave horribly.

BUT, it is still a struggle, especially if you were sick or something like that.



Would you like to see a part two?

That was SOO much fun to write, and I can think of more already, but I don’t want to go and put them all in one post, because that would be really long. But if you’d like a part two, I’d love to write that for you all.

Do not take this post too seriously, it was just for fun and I even though school has it’s ups and downs, I really enjoy school, so this post was definitely not to bring any negativity towards the upcoming school year.

But also, thank you to Isla @ Whisper of Ink for giving me this post idea in comment, it’s greatly appreciated!

But everyone, don’t worry about the ‘Back to School’ posts, I’m definitely going to post that soon, because my mom said that we have to go back to school shopping soon anyways now, because I go back on August 30th.

And anyways, thank you for reading!

Until next time..






  1. I really enjoyed what you wrote. But I can’t imagine waking up that early. I don’t know how you do that. My school starts at 9:15 am, so I just wake up at around 8:20.
    I would definitely like to see a Part Two. Good Luck for your new school year. 🙂


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