Getting a Book at the Library: The Steps | Gianna & Gemini

Whenever anyone goes to the library, there’s a set of steps that must be gone through, before getting the book.

It’s just tradition for any book reader. Even if you don’t think you have steps to getting a book at the library, but you do. It’s probably not even intentional, and neither was mine.

And since I’ve realized mine, I’d love to share it with you all, and maybe even help you figure out that you have your own factors and steps to go through to get a book at the library.


dinosaur (6)

This part is usually when you walk into the library, and you just go to your usual section to go look through all the books that they’ve recently added there, or just simply to look for a new book.

I’ve recently started looking through the upstairs section of the library, so I just like to consider the whole area as my searching engine for books, because I don’t really know much books up there, so I don’t want to go discriminate against books.

But at this part, you’ll find me simply walking through the aisles of the library, just briefly looking through the books on the shelves, and trying to find one that caught my eye. Call me horrible, but I like to judge books by their titles.


dinosaur (7).png


After walking through some aisles, I like to finally stop in one random aisle and pick up some books in the aisle, just to go ahead and read the descriptions on the back. I like to think that the descriptions in the back explain the books more than the cover or the title can.

So I like to go ahead and read the back cover, or sometimes on the inside of the front cover, just to go and check what the book is about- to see if I’ll like it.

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but I think that reading the back cover or the inside of the front cover will help me choose and make the process a bit easier and smoother.


If I’m looking for a specific book, like for summer reading, then I’d just immediately go ask a librarian, because I do not expect myself to find anything easily.

After looking through a few books and reading their descriptions, I grab a couple that both catch my eye with their nice title names and their cover art, and had a good description.  

I pick some up, and even though earlier I said that I don’t judge/discriminate books, that’s a lie- I do. 

After picking up the books I…


I squeal and fangirl over the books covers, because any author who spends time making sure that their cover is as beautiful and amazing as their book is an author I want to be friends with.

You manage to write one whole amazing book, and then in addition, you add onto that greatness but making sure the cover is on point, and has its aesthetics in check. 

One great author. 

But obviously, I don’t do this in those wide open areas, because I’m sure I would get weird looks for people if I started jumping up and down and hugging a book.

After choosing the books that I want, I then go ahead and go to the librarian at the checkout area.

He/She scans the books, checks them out, then I take the books after thanking her, and then I leave to my car.
And then that’s the end of my library journey! 

But here’s a fun fact, I get headaches if I ever try to read in a car after the library, I hate the old book smell.

What’s your routine at the library, what do you normally do when you take a trip there?

Tell me in the comments below!

Also, thank you all for being such supportive people about my vlog idea and name not showing my face. It’s just for privacy reasons, and also because I’m not even ready for that yet.

Until next time…



  1. Haha this was such a fun post to read! I’ve never thought about identifying my book-finding rituals at the library, but now I’m totally going to do that. 😂 I’ll walk in to the library, then I’ll usually pick somewhere in the adult fiction or non-fiction section I haven’t really browsed before (I’m all about finding new authors!). Next, I’ll start my browsing, and if a book looks cheerful or interesting to me, I’ll snatch it, read the synopsis, flip through it… I always leave the library with at least two or three books! (Also, epic book covers are always worth fangirling over 😂) Loved this post! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!
      I’m sure everyone has different routines, so I think it will be interesting to see people figuring out their own.
      Haha, definitely, the covers always get the best of me!! 😂😂
      Again, thank you!!! 😊😂


  2. I just went to the library and I do the ‘walk’ as well. Then after that I look for books that I’ve heard are amazing or if have pretty covers/title. Then I pick it up until I have stack, check them out. At home I squeal over them and read them.

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