The Library Challenge aka My Brother Picks out Books for Me?

I’m sure all of you have heard of the Shopping Challenge, where the brother or boyfriend picks out clothes for the girl to try out and see if she likes them.

To me, it’s like a way of figuring out if your boyfriend or your brother has a good sense of style. So, why not go ahead and see if my brother has a good sense of style with books?

My younger brother- who you all probably know as the Blue Whale Blogger- decided on his own that it would be fun if he went ahead and picked out some books for me, while he was on his library trip/volunteering. 

Okay, maybe I just slightly suggested that he go and do so, but it still counts that he did it on his own free will, right?

He got me two books, and they were Ruby Redfort: Close Your Eyes and Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath.
Well, the first thing that he got right was that he got two books from the same series, which means that I don’t have to go from one book with one topic, to a completely different topic.

When he first gave me the book, I have to admit, I didn’t seem to think they were my style, and I wasn’t even sure I was going to like them.

I assumed the books were for children books for a younger audience, but I didn’t want to go and be rude towards him, so I decided to go against my judgements and read the books he had gotten for me.

In fact, I had put off reading these books for a least a couple days before finally going to my dinner table and picking it up, and starting them off to read. 

These books were both very, very long reads in my opinion. I can’t name any kid who would be willing to read a children’s book as fat as the one I had read.

Since they’re quite thick, I’d just suggest to go and read them when you aren’t really busy, so you can read them in a good time period, rather than over fat chunks of time. 

But other than that, I’m sure that the books are great and are very fun reads, although never a read I’d suggest for someone to read at a beach as a easy and quick read.

They had me intrigued, because it was sort of an adventure slash mystery books, with all the things that needed to be solved throughout the book.

One thing that bothered me a bit was her curiosity. Now, it’s understandable that characters are supposed to be realistic, so it made sense that she was curious.

But she was so curious that she stole things from Spectrum, just to see how they worked when she could’ve asked if she could borrow them and see how they work.

But if she never stole those items, then she would’ve died, which wouldn’t be as great. So I guess I should thank her for being curious.
But overall, I loved the book and would definitely go and have him get me more books, based on that first pick.

The characters got me worried for them, which is very good because if you get attached to the characters, just means that they were made well.

Until next time..



  1. I loved The Ruby Redfort series when I was younger? I never realised how long they were. At the time, they seemed like short books. OOPS XD That’s mainly because I was such a ferocious reader (and still am) and I knew a lot of people who enjoyed the story so??? I don’t think they’re that long though now thinking back MAYBE THEY WERE but they were quite LIGHT reads for me. Who knows.

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