The Creation of My Blog.. STORYTIME? | Gianna & Gemini


So I’ve realized that not all of you might not have been following my blog since the beginning- and that’s not a bad thing- so I’d like to go ahead and tell you all exactly why I made a blog in the first place.

When I first started my blog, it wasn’t very popular, nor did I have a lot of followers. Not much people read that blog, but as I went on with writing blog posts and creating an image on my blog, people started reading it and I gained an audience.

So because of that, not all of you probably know the reason why, and even if you do, you should just stay tuned and keep reading. And yes, I guess this could be called a story time.

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So starting off with this story, I want to tell you all that I wasn’t really a writer or that kind of person. Writing wasn’t something that I had done often, besides those small little short stories that every young boy or girl writes sometime in their childhood, that isn’t really good because they have no plot whatsoever. Even when I was writing these short stories, I never finished any of them, because I was indecisive and couldn’t keep writing them long enough to get an ending or even a plot.

I don’t know what who I heard blogging from, because nobody I knew was a blogger, and nobody I knew even talked about blogs, so I don’t really know what made me hear about it. It was just a random thing that I happened to enjoy, even when I never even actually tried it officially.

For me, blogging when I was younger was a very distant thing that I wanted to do, but I always kind of felt that I was underage for it, and just too young in general to be putting myself out on the Internet.

I believed that for a long while, until one year ago yesterday I finally put away my doubts, and I finally decided to go ahead and sit in that garage, in that pink chair and finally do what I had wanted to do for a long while.

So I created an account on WordPress and I went on The Daily Post to go check out some of the classes that they had there, for beginner bloggers. I took one, I know it’s still there now, but I don’t know the name of it.

And the first assignment that it had me do was what is your ideal blogging space, so I figured I’d just skip the introduction post and to go ahead and write something that I thought would be interesting to read, and important to me as well.

And that was the start of a long adventure, a very fun adventure that has taught me to be less indecisive, but more of a patient person as well.

Blogging has taught me so many things, including that not all people on the Internet are all horrible and blood-thirsty humans seeking out to hurt others.

Graphic image, I know, but that was what I was taught by my parents half my life. Strangers are bad. So this opportunity really allowed me to see the Internet of blogging in a different light.

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I cannot believe that my blog is one-year-old already, that sounds so crazy! How old is your blog?
First of all, I’d like to let you all that tomorrow I will not be posting, simply because I’ve posted already three times this week, and posting tomorrow will leave me burnt out.

Writing is fun, but posting blog posts constantly four times this week isn’t ideal for me, and I’d like to keep my time all managed and posting extra would be great, but it’s not easy for me. Hope that’s understandable. 

Also, I CANNOT wait for High School Insider Newsletter to come out, but then again I do not want to go back to school. Mixed feelings I’m having here.

When do you go back to school?

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Until next time…

Gianna, the Gemini.



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