The Writing Room + One Year Later… | Gianna & Gemini


Exactly one year ago, on July 25, at some time in the afternoon, I created my first ever blog and my first ever blog post.

1 Year Anniversary Achievement

I cannot believe that I’ve finally been given the ‘Happy Anniversary’ button from WordPress! I’ve seen so many other bloggers working hard, and writing their posts about finally blogging for 6 years, for 1 year, or for six months.

I can remember that day so vividly as if it’s happening right now. I recall sitting in my garage, in a pink chair with my computer on a folding table typing up that post. The only difference between that day and this day is that today is raining, and I’m positive that June 25th one year ago was sunny.

So why not go ahead and see how it’s changed, a year later!

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My writing room has changed drastically since last year. My writing room has switched from couches, dining tables, the garage, my bedroom, other sibling’s bedrooms, and probably just every room in my house.

But my writing room is my bedroom.  I think it’s my writing room just because it contains everything I care about, and that just helps me to write the best blog posts I can for you all. All I have to do for inspiration is just to look around the room, and see the meaningful items that I have, like the collection of mail that I’ve received, and it just helps so much in creating good content.

Everyone who has a bedroom, even if they share one with someone still has their bedroom personalized, special for them. And even if you’re not allowed to go put posters on your wall, your room still has items that define you and has things that belong to you.

And for me, whenever I go ahead to look around my room I just imagine memories, and sometimes even blog post ideas, with all the index that have random blog post ideas on them. You can maybe even find a fortune from a fortune cookie hanging around somewhere in my room because it gave me inspiration for a post.

The garage was an amazing writing room for me, it was a quiet space with lots of room for me to think- like I said in the original version of this post. But as the summer continued, bugs started to weave their way in, and it just made it harder to calmly and easily write posts.

Also, in the winter it would get SO cold in there, and I could not stand being in there for another second. Call me weak, but it’s not my choice.

Plus, I like to think that I sucked all the “juice”-the juice being the inspiration- out of that area. And so far, my room is very “juice-filled”, and I haven’t taken out all the inspiration and the ideas that it can bring me.

Nor do I think that I’ll ever move out of that room, just because it contains so many things that are so special to me.

But maybe when college comes, I’ll be forced to go and leave that room, but until then, I’m sure I will keep that as my UPDATED writing room!

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Dear Readers, (2)

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Until next time..

Gianna, the Gemini.


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