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So recently, I had the displeasure of going through my emails, just to search for one email in particular.

And as I was searching through all these emails to find one email I hoped I had received, I realized that what I was doing was absolutely time consuming and irritating. I was never going to find that one specific email, out of all the 900 emails that I had.

Yes, 900+. I do not clear out my emails, nor do I never go through and read the emails that I have subscribed to.

But, as I was murmuring complaints to myself about the growing email, I figured out some ways that could fix it and did fix it.

1. Go through all the emails that you have subscribed to, and write down the ones you want to keep.

Write down only the ones that you find important, and necessary to keep. The ones that aren’t that important to you, or you only read one a month or so, don’t write.

This is supposed to help you get organized, so if you only take the ones that you desperately need, then it’ll make your email time much easier and a smoother experience.


2. Unsubscribe to every subscription in your email list.

I myself was screaming at this idea too, I did not want to go throw away every thing, even though half of them I regularly ignored and never read. Some things in that trashed and crowded email I read, although some of them I have to admit bore me to death.

But this email was my blog email, and I did not want to go ahead and make it crowded so I couldn’t be able to see the things that my reader sent to me.

So unsubscribing was my first step to a clean and easy email.

3. Delete every email.

After unsubscribing from everything, delete all the emails you have. The emails from those subscriptions won’t come back, so all you have to do is delete them for a clear email.

They’ll just be there and useless, so there’s not much point of keeping them.

Deleting them will be your best option, so your email will be free, and able to breathe from the suffocating emails it has to hold.

4. Go and subscribe again to the subscriptions that you wanted.

This process obviously feels consuming and that it will take a lot of time to go ahead and do, but I did this over a few periods of days, so do it the same, unless you’re able to do this all quickly and don’t have 900+ emails like mwah.

But anyways, go back and subscribe to them, the ones that are important.


And then…BAH_BAM. You have the perfect email, until of course you find some more subscriptions to subscribe to, and then you’ll meet once again a crowded and stuffy email.

I’ve never written the word subscription so much in one day.


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Until next time..

Gianna, the Gemini.






    1. And I thought 900 was a lot, 11k sounds like much more work.
      I’m definitely with you on being a hoarder with my emails, I don’t want to delete what I might need.
      I’ll follow you on bloglovin. 😊😊


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