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Being interactive on WordPress can literally, make or break, your blog.

WordPress is an interactive website where you are able to create websites or blogs, in addition to being able to create a beautiful site, you are also allowed to decorate and personalize the website to your liking.

But emphasis on the interactive, it means that along with your beautifully personalized website, you just must interact with the people around you. Because without interaction on WordPress… WAIT.

You might be wondering, WHY exactly is interaction and commenting on blog posts so important?


Nobody wants to read a blog where the author ignores the comments they are receiving.

You read a great post, and then you scroll down to the comment section to comment on their post, not knowing that that person who wrote that post will never reply to the post.

That isn’t that great, is it? When you read a post and take the time out of your day to respond their post, saying something friendly, and they never take the time out of their day to respond? Not fair or reasonable.

You can’t get as many readers if you never put yourself out there.

Nobody can ever find out you, find out your blog if you don’t really put yourself out there first, because you can’t exactly expect people to go search for you, when they don’t even know what exactly is it is they are searching for.

You have to make them come to you, and that’s the reason why interaction is key in the world of blogging.

You can’t make blogger friends!

One thing every blogger wants to achieve is to make a friend in the blogosphere, that is definitely one of the main goals that every blogger wants to have.

But if you don’t give off the energy that you want to make friends, give off the energy that you are active and willing, then people won’t want to go ahead and be your friend because you aren’t actually showing people that you are a friendly and interactive person.

See, hear that word again, interactive.

Anyways, you need to make that effort in order for people to actually respond to your efforts.


These four reasons are just living proof that you need to comment on your posts and give readers your response on their kind words towards you.

They are taking their time out of their day to write something positive towards you, so you should kindly accept the gesture and actually write back, instead of leaving them hanging.


Until next time…

Gianna, the Gemini.

P.S. Next week on Tuesday, the 25th, is the first anniversary of my blog, that is the day my blog turns one year old! So I am doing a variety of posts that week, but one of them is a Q&A, so you can just comment whatever you want me to answer in those comments!







  1. This is really useful, I definitely find that on days where I am more interactive on my reader and with other bloggers, I get the most views. It’s a bit disheartening when you take the time to comment on somebodies blog and they ignore you so I make sure that I reply to everyone!
    Q: Where is your favourite place to eat?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed, I usually get the most views on Fridays, because those are the days I am free, so I am able to sit down and reply to all the comments.
      I love when people comment on my posts, so I always feel obligated to do so, because they took their time to write something so nice for me, I should do the same in return.
      Thank you for commenting, and for the question!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!
      But gladly at the beginning I was an interactive one, and it definitely is fun to talk with other bloggers, because they have similar interests, not all but some the same

      Liked by 1 person

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