Spiderman Homecoming | Movie Review | Gianna & Gemini

A couple days ago, my friend and I saw the movie Spiderman Homecoming.

And I have to say, this movie was hyped so much, by all the commercials and the talks between Zendaya and Tom Holland- which I must say, Tom Holland is the cutest British boy I’ve ever met, and I actually thought he was 15, so I kind of got sad when I realized he was 21- so I was very excited to watch this in theaters.

But, here’s my thoughts on the movie.


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 | Initial Thoughts |


At first, I still thought that Tom Holland was cute, but I really believed that Zendaya was in a lot of scenes in the movie, because the commercials always starred her and Tom. She was always in the commercials with him, so I guess for many people that might’ve given them the impression that Zendaya was much more than just a school student.

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My friend has been getting me into loving superheroes, so I was so just so excited to go see it. She and I have always gone to the movies and watched superhero movies, so I just couldn’t wait to add this to the list.


| My Final Thoughts |


Remember when I said that I thought that Zendaya or Michelle basically over-hyped herself? Well, I myself personally felt that she was! You don’t have to agree with me, but I just thought that she was only mainly in the school related scenes, and if it were otherwise you could count her out.

Ned, Peter’s best friend I thought was in more scenes, or even the enemies/villains appeared more. I just thought that, but don’t call me out or be rude to me because of my opinion.


Peter to me was just a kid who liked adventure, and that made him a great Spiderman. Spiderman has to see through the lines, and should be ready for adventure even when he’s told that he’s wrong- and in this case, you can see that he was definitely not wrong- which is why he was perfect for Spiderman.



Although when Tony Stark took away the Spiderman suit from Peter, I was so HAPPY. I know it’s not a good thing, but it helped him realize that he was something besides being Spiderman.

With the suit, he knew he was powerful. He knew he was amazing, so everything was a breeze for him. But when it was taken away, we were all able to see how he could advance and grow, and just become an actual superhero without the suit or the powers.

Which obviously just made him better, like look at him!


Although, let’s talk about Liz, the girl Peter liked.

Related image

They seemed so cute together, but I know if Peter never took out Liz’s dad, then they would still be in that bad predicament, with having Liz’s dad still out there to hurt more people.

So I guess even though he likes her, having Liz have to move would just be for the better, a horrible better, but a needed better.


Have you watched Spiderman Homecoming yet?

If so, what did you think of it?


Until next time…

Gianna & Gemini










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