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As you might know, I’ve recently changed my blog’s address, which is a big thing to think about or do for any blogger.

In fact, I myself was scared to do so, because I didn’t know what would be everyone’s reaction from moving from “Miss Dino”, to just plain Gianna.

But, changing your blog image isn’t a bad thing at all.


It just means that you’re maturing as a person, and that you want your blog to go along with you and change for the better. We all have started out a blog at a fairly older or a fairly younger age, and most of us just want to update our blog instead of leaving it in its kid-like era.

Blogging is definitely fun to do, but when you feel as if you aren’t having fun writing and decorating things on your blog, then it just feels like a huge hassle, and as if you are carrying a large baggage as you write each post. And quite honestly, I never want to write posts that I don’t really enjoy writing or I don’t want to write.

Changing your blog image is not bad at all.

What you’re doing is you’re simply just upgrading it, making it better than it used to be. Changing the way people look at your blog, helping them to see it in a different light. Because honestly, to me, my blog at first glance just seemed like a little kid’s thing.

And sometimes, your interests can change.

And you can’t beat around the bush, or try to avoid the fact that you really want your blog to mature with you. It’s alright because nobody wants a blog that they can’t fully enjoy or fully work well with.


But if you’re like me, you might be a little nervous to do so, because of what people might think.

I was like that for a few days.

I didn’t know what my readers would think, whether they would dislike the change or be okay with the change. So I did not want to go change anything, in fear that people would be skeptical with my change and might want to stop reading my posts.

But after a while, I saw this post, by Clara’s Craft Corner. The post inspired me to finally stop fretting and just do go ahead and make the changes.

So I did, and trust me when you do you will not regret it.


Until next time..

Gianna, the Gemini.





  1. Oh my gosh! What a bold move. When I saw this post on my reader I thought: “Okay? Who is this? Is this another random person I accidentally followed the other day, cause I have no idea who this is?” and then I found out that you were formerly Miss Dino. Oh my gosh, this was actually so inspiring, and so *real.* I agree with your reasoning: you’re maturing as a person, and your blog should reflect that. I might consider doing that in the future as well, but for now, congrats!!

    ~Cec @ Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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