Changing my Blog Name?|A Fresh Design + FULL Blog Re-Vamp?

Okay, that title probably has you stressed as much as it had me stressed writing it.

This Monday, you’re probably craving for a Bookish Book Times post or something of that sort, but today I just wanted to put down the schedule for a minute, and just speak with you all about my blog.

So for a little while now, I’ve been…. a little unsatisfied. Unsatisfied with my blog’s image. I’ve been writing these blog posts, and I love the way that I’ve gotten to write my posts. But the thing that I don’t like greatly is how my blog is just “bleh”.

My posts have upgraded, and I think that my blog should as well. The design of it is so simple, and maybe just too simple for me now.



And speaking of my blog upgrading as well… I might change my blog name.

Do not get me wrong, I am not getting a new blog, I am not deleting this blog. I’ve put way too much work and effort into this blog to just go throw those months of work and re-vamping into the trash.

But I think I really might want to change the name?

Okay, let me explain. So when I was choosing the name of my blog, I chose when I was a bit younger when I was not really mature as I am now. I just typed in the first thing that came into my mind, and now I really do regret that. So because of that, I really think that my blog name gives off the vibes that I am kiddish if that even is a word.

From first glance, it just makes you think I’m a ten or eleven-year-old, when that is nowhere near close to my age. And I honestly do not want nobody thinking of me as some child, when I really do want to be respected on this blog.


So….. as soon as this post goes up, a few minutes or hours after you will soon be looking at my new blog address.

Quite honestly, it feels so scary to say that, to say the fact that I am re-creating the image I’ve built for this blog. BUT, I’m so excited as well. Mixed feelings I guess?


Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. (for now)









  1. [ Smiles ] You are free to reinvent yourself and your blog.

    Now, I truly hope that your viewing audience understood your decision for making such a drastic change.

    Also, best of luck with this blogging project of yours.

    Liked by 1 person

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