Welcome Dr. Whale, to the Blogosphere| The Making of a New Blog

You probably miss my voice already, because you’ve read too much of that #summerseries, but I don’t blame you really. I mean, it was interesting but now we all want to original routine back and in business. 



But first, I shall do a little explaining. 

If you remember from a little while ago, I did a post with my 10 year old brother, so if you want to check that out click here, and then you’ll be able to read something by him. Anyways, he recently made a blog and I’m not just going to leave him in the dust, I’m going to help him out.

So without further distraction, just click here to go over to his NEW blog! 
Also, from a couple of readers and from him, I’ve gotten questions on tips on how to start a blog and some writing tips- although I don’t know why because I’m still kind of new at both- so I want to answer to those requests. 

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE ABOUT. Especially for me, I had the problem of starting a blog at a stage where I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to write about, I just wanted a blog. 

That’s really the first thing you should start thinking of, if you’re thinking of creating a blog, because it certainly isn’t fun to have a blog and a few months in, you’re still not sure what it should be about. 

Like I said, it should be the first thing on your mind. 

MAKE YOUR BLOG CUTE AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE. Quite honestly, of your blog features are dull and still are the default deaign, then nobody will want to read a page that looks- I hate to say these words- horrible. 

People want three things: easy, fast, and pretty. And although the fast is hard to accomplish, the easy and pretty are quite easy to do. So go ahead and complete that next. 

TAKING TIME OUT OF EACH DAY TO BLOG IS ESSENTIAL. For me at least, if I do not take some time each morning during the summer days to blog, I never will. It has to be a habit or I’ll say, “I’ll do it later.”, and then you’ll be seeing me not doing it at that definition of later. 

What I think helps if your are new and tend to forget things to set an alarm each day or something like that. Take some time, because it will definitely take a lot of time to get the right words you want to use. Maybe even hours on the first time!

DON’T JUST STAY INSIDE AND WRITE,  GO OUTSIDE AND GET INSPIRATION. Okay, so you can write, I never said that you shouldn’t go and not write. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t only just go get your inspiration for blog posts from reading other people’s blog , you can also go places, and hang out with people. 

Now, since I have given you a bit of tips on how to start your blog, I’m now going to go give you a bit of tips on writing in general, but additionally I will give some tips on writing blog posts and some tips and tricks that I’ve learned for that.

Cool, eh? I’m getting fancy with the cute graphics, aren’t I? But none of the distractions, let’s move on.
WRITE EVERY DAY, EVEN IF IT’S NOT A BLOG POST. I once heard someone tell me that practice makes perfect, so I guess I try to do that with everything I do- including writing. 

What I suggest is in the morning to just have a book at your bedside so each morning you can just write your thoughts out, some poems, or any dreams you may have had.

IF YOU EVER GO ON VACATION, SCHEDULE POSTS FOR THE COUPLE DAYS WHEN YOU GET BACK. Trust me, I went through it last year to know that when you come back from your vacation or trip, you will still be in the vacation-phase/mode, so you just won’t want to o and write a blog post.

In fact, when I went to D.C, and came back I kinda didn’t even want to write the posts, but I did because I knew it wouldn’t be fair to you all. 

So if you were wondering, those posts were only vacation influenced posts because I was talking about the trip I went on. 

THE MYTH THAT PARAGRAPHS HAVE TO BE FIVE SENTENCES LONG IS A MYTH. Paragraphs are only supposed to be of one thought, and then it ends. You don’t have to continuously write and write until it’s exactly five sentences and then stop.

In fact, I didn’t even know that this myth was a thing for a little while until I saw my little brother do it, and it reminded me of when I was younger and I myself would count each sentence and then move on, even when the new paragraph had to do with the recent one, so the paragraphs weren’t complete or well thought out sentences. 

WRITE HOW YOU SPEAK. If you’re going to have a blog or just write, it’s a good thing to write how you talk, because it helps you get more in touch and close with your readers when they can understand the real you better.

Write so it makes sense still, by it still does need to correspond with how you are. Nobody wants to read something and believe it’s you, when all along you are just writing so you sound like some preppy smart person. 

That’s all I have for today, although I still kinda found that a bit long, haha! But it was super fun to write a long and good blog post that wasn’t my Summer Series. 

Until next time.. 

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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