#summerseries2k17: A Very Awkward Pool Party

*This story is told through the narration of Gianna Hemsworth. She is a 16-year old girl who has currently entered summer and even though she leads a famous life, is trying to make her summer as normal and fun as possible.*

Gianna Hemsworth is in no way related to the celebrity star, Liam Hemsworth. 

After a few seconds, the door opens and you’re greeted by a soaking wet Olivia. Why  in the world is she wet?

“What happened, how come you’re late?” asks Olivia.

You’re slightly confused, because you remember the invitation that she sent you all saying that the party was at three. 

“Isn’t the party at three?” you ask her, hoping that you’re right and that you DIDN’T just arrive two hours late.

She shakes her head, but motions for you to come inside so you do so, but inside you’re mad for mixing the times up and are worried as to what’s happening.

You go inside and follow Olivia, who leads you to the backyard. In the backyard you are all the girls and guys, sitting together on a patio table, with the music blaring in the background. When they hear the patio door screeching open, they all stop their conversations and look over to see who’s there.

They’re all staring at you, all of them. It’s like they froze time. 

You hear them whispering to one another, saying..

“Can’t she read it said 1?”

“YO. She fashionably late.”

“I’m prettier than her, RIGHT?”
Can you say embarrassing?

But after a few second, they go back to their conversations in their normal voices and you join in with them, like nothing happened a second before.

But after a while, people start getting up to go into the pool, and one person in particular: Carson Weldon. Your MAJOR crush. 

He slowly takes of his wet white t-shirt, the droplets of water falling onto his beautiful hair and his beautiful upper torso.


So you so exactly that. You slide off your sandals you’re wearing and start to take off the dress you’re wearing. But as you’re pulling it over your head, you accidentally trip over your beautiful, yet ignorantly places slippers, falling into the pool. 

Smudging your makeup.

Ruining your dress.

Embarrassing yourself in front of Carson. 

Cue the awkward moment.

You get out of the water, and nobody seemed to notice that you fell into the water, besides your best friend; Gwendolyn. But you know she won’t do anything, so it doesn’t affect you.

But still, that was awkward and embarrassing. BECAUSE CARSON SAW!!

You run to the bathroom in Olivia’s house wiping off your makeup with a towel available in her bathroom. 

Don’t cry, don’t cry. People will notice, just don’t cry. 

You shove your dress into your backpack, then opening the door and dropping it to the floor near the bathroom entrance. 

You got this.

You go back outside and dive into the pool with everyone else, swimming and having fun with Gwen and Olivia and Carson, and just everyone there. 

The awkwardness you once felt is slowly disappearing, but it’s still floating thick in the air. You still see Carson looking at you vaguely, as if he’s interested in you in some way. 

He’s obviously not interested in you. I mean it’s Carson. CARSON!!

 Anyways, as you’re swimming Olivia’s mom opens the patio door and comes outside, calling for the attention of everyone.

“OKAY. It’s currently five, so some are your parents are here to pick you up. But, I’m allowing the girls to stay for a sleepover, IF your parents allow it.” yells Olivia’s mom, trying to speak over the loud music. 

Some girls squeal, running around grabbing their phones to call their parents.

After a quick ‘excuse me’, you go by Olivia’s mom and get yourbackpack, opening it and grabbing your phone out of it to call your mom. 

After three rings, she picks up.

You talk to your mom and after a few minutes of begging and annoyance, she allows you to sleep over, telling you that she will bring you clothes.

You say your farewells with her and hang up, bringing your bag with you, following the other girls upstairs to Olivia’s bedroom.

As you arrive upstairs, everyone’s already changing into pajamas, while you’re there- the only person there wearing a wet, but drying swimsuit. 

Another awkward moment.

“Okay everyone, sit down, let’s play truth or dare!” says Olivia.


You figure that’s probably your mom, so you go downstairs to get your clothes from your mom. She gives it to you, and you give her a quick hug and kiss, before running back upstairs.

You go all the way up to the door of Olivia’s room before you stop and take a deep breath.

You can do this.

Then you open the door, and walk inside. 

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.

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