#summerseries2k17: The First Week of Summer Excitement

*This story is told through the narration of Gianna Hemsworth. She is a 16-year old girl who has currently entered summer and even though she leads a famous life, is trying to make her summer as normal and fun as possible.*

Gianna Hemsworth is in no way related to the celebrity star, Liam Hemsworth. 

It’s the start of a new week, in fact, it’s the beginning of the first week of your summer vacation. The beginning of your week of relaxation and fun. 

But currently, its 10:16 in the morning and you’re strolling through B.J’s with your cart and your mother in tow, looking to buy a few products. 

And by “a few products”,  you’re absolutely certain that your mom actually meant ten or more items, because your cart is full to the brim with waters, yogurt boxes, cereal boxes, and juices you didn’t even knew that your mom bought or even had.

But as you’re lazily shuffling your furry slippers across the floor of B.J’s, following your mom who’s now in front of you, you feel a vibration in your jeans.

You keep pushing the cart, but as you do so you pull your phone out of your back pocket and turn it on to see the notification you just received. 

It’s a text message, so you just click onto the notification. It brings you to a message, a group chat, that reads:

Hello, you peoples!! As a great start to the summer, why not see each other again? I’m having a pool party today at 1 to 5. Plenty of food, so don’t worry! Oh course, bring bathing suits and towels! See you all there!!


A party, an anything, just to allow you to have some fun during this summer, you’re soon to be leaving high school, you should get all the fun you can get before you ship yourself off to college.

So you ask your mom, repeatedly begging her. Then finally, she gives in. SHESAIDYES!!

So you continue strolling through B.J’s until you’re done, and then when you are you and your mom go home. 

You run up to your room, as you hear your mom calling for you to come back down and finish packing up the things you both bought. But you’re too excited for the pool party at three.

So you plan out everything. You pick out your bathing suit, your towel, your sunglasses, the backpack to bring, what hairstyle you’ll do, what to wear there, if you’ll wear waterproof makeup or not, and so much more.

Nothing can go wrong with that pool party, for you at least. Or at least you think and hope. 
A few hours later, it’s time. You’re all dolled up and ready to go, as you follow your mother outside to the car. 

And as you get into the car, sitting down and buckling yourself into your seat, you begin to think about the small adventure that’s called summer that’s about to start. 

After driving down three or two streets, you’re finally at Olivia’s house. You look up beyond the pathway to see a large house, obviously telling everyone crisp and clear “WE’RE FREAKING RICH.”. 

So you say goodbye to your mother, giving her a quick farewell, then walking up to the front door to the front door, ringing the doorbell.

What could possibly go wrong at a pool party?
Until next time.. 

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 



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