#summerseries2k17: The Dreaded 90 Degrees 


*This story is told through the narration of Gianna Hemsworth. She is a 12-year old girl who has currently entered summer and even though she leads a famous life, is trying to make her summer as normal and fun as possible.*

Gianna Hemsworth is in no way related to the celebrity star, Liam Hemsworth. 

The second day of summer. 
Nothing much is going on yet, but you’re definitely not bored. Right now, boredom is not a word in your vocabulary.

In fact, the only main words in your vocabulary at the moment would be exciting and happy. But that can’t explain the WHOLE summer, so we are just going to have to wait and see. 
So anyways, back to the day that happened today. 

You, Gianna Hemsworth, are trying to keep up your being of a famous celebrity, and sitting down on a couch watching American Housewife, listening to Oliver say “HELLO, SALT PLEASE, THIS MEATLOAF IS BLAND.” isn’t your idea of the perfect summer- which is what you want.

But watching only a little bit of television can’t hurt anyone, right?

So you do exactly that, having the time of your morning watching American Housewife, and laughing with yourself at the hilarious jokes they say now and then. 

But as you do your thing, you realize that the house is getting a little bit warm, kind of humid. 

But it’s manageable, so you don’t really mind that much. So you continue to go ahead and watch American Housewife, casually implanting your bum into the couch as you watch the episode. 

After a little while, it becomes harder than manageable. Maybe even, difficult?

The hot air becomes annoying, so your great imaginations-filled mind starts to think of going to the beach or a pool- being able to get that beachy tan, and modeling your beautiful bathing suit for all to see.

But wait, NOPE. Your pool isn’t opened yet, and your dad specifically promised you that he would do it this Saturday, because he and your brother FORGOT to do it that weekend. 


Your mother- Gianna’s mother- bought a larger box of popsicles than a box of ice cream bars, knowing you prefer the bars better.

Wait, stop it Gianna!! You know that your mother wants you to have a great summer and is trying to make it good. Stop trying to be a preppy famous celebrity and maybe just be her wonderful child.

Okay okay, Chelsea. 

I see your point, I get it, no need for you to make a ten hour speech. 

Just get back to the episode. And also, don’t talk to me, because it’s weird. And you’re supposed to be talking to your actual audience and we are not your audience. And-

Yeah, I get it. No need to rant. You’re lucky this is only a summer takeover because you’re acting like the craziest person alive. 

But anyways, I think I’m going to end this episode here. I want to leave the people with suspense, hehe.. 
Until next time…
Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



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