Summer Series 17′: The Beginning Of Summer Excitement

You’re in your last few days of school, and quite honestly- you’re so excited for school to come to a abrupt stop and finally end itself. You just cannot wait until the school realizes that it is not wanted, and that nobody wants to wake up at 7 each morning to just sit down in a chair and listen to someone rant about something unimportant.

It’s been many months of school, many months of tiring homework and class work. Because, apparently you have to practice what you learn at school.

Idiotic, right?

Anyways, after all those months, your fire is burnt out. So this leads to you being so excited- maybe even overexcited, for summer to come.

You’re like the characters in High School Musical, sitting at your desks and pounding your hands on the table, your eyes not focused on the teacher but on the clock as you furiously wait for it to be time for you to finally leave that school.

To be able to get your batooshka( bum) out of that place. 
3…2…1!!!! SCHOOL’S OUT!

And when you hear that bell go off, or when your teacher finally dismissing you, as she hollers out the words, “Have a great summer!”, in hopes that someone will reply or hears her over the loud conversations from the students as they exit the room. 

So you leave and go to the main exit, but while you talk to your friends about how fun your summer is going to be. 

When you finally arrive at the main exit, you meet a bunch of other students with their faces standing way to close to the entrance- way to close for your liking, because it will be hard to get out. All standing there, waiting for their parents to come through the drive-thru, or to walk down the pavement and get you. 

You cannot wait until your parent comes and gets you, because it’s the first day of summer and FOR SURE, you’re going to do something fun. 

And the miracle happens.

After some impatient waiting, you see your dad walking down, and you just go for it. You run to him, and he laughs, hugging you. Then you both walk together to the car.

When get to the car, he drives and you just begin to think about all the fun that you’re going to have this summer, and how it will definitely be better than the last.

But when you get home, you’re bored. You realize you planned nothing, and that all you can do is watch TV and eat because there’s nothing interesting to do. 

So that’s what you do. You get some snacks and plant yourself in the couch, the spot where you will sit every day of the summer for that week, because you forgot to make plans.

Until next time.. 

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 

P.S. WELCOME TO MY SUMMER SERIES, this will last the whole summer, and it will talk about EVERYTHING SUMMER!!!!! 




    1. Haha, after I wrote it and a while later re-read it to just be sure, I laughed at myself because I was sitting on a couch, and I was watching American Housewife eating Wheat Thins. 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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