Bookish Book Times: Jumping Into the Blogosphere with a NEW BLOG? + HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!



My birthday was on the glorious and very hot day of June 10, 2017. On this day, I officially aged older and am closer to being a grandma and mother. Crazy isn’t it?

But let’s not dwell on the crazy slash amazing fact that I turned one number older, let’s think about how another beautiful fellow joined the blogosphere just a few days ago! And what’s even better about that is that I know that person in real life.

Her name is Shayna and her blog is literally going to be the best thing ever. She’s quite the creative person, but she’s also a busy person, so I’m excited to see how her blog goes about.


And as I was happy for her, I realized and remembered how hard it was for me personally to become recognized on my blog, and how hard it was for me to find my voice and my place in the blogosphere.

Because let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Right when you make your blog people won’t just start running towards your websites in mobs and packs, that’s definitely not going to happen. But I mean, if you talk about something that’s very controversial, then maybe you’ll find your website being attacked with mobs and such- but definitely not in a good way.

Plus, you’ll probably get so defeated and upset that nobody’s following you or reading your blog that you just might think about resorting to following your own blog; just to get that first follower. I was very tempted to do this myself, but I then realized it would do no good- so I decided against it.

Also, when you start your blog do not be in any hurry to be like other bloggers. Just because these people have GIF’s in their posts and all these cool graphics, doesn’t mean you NEED those things too, because you probably don’t even need them at all.

I like to call those things ‘cute accessories’, and they’re not that needed, but fun to have.

SO when you’re here with a good amount of followers and good posts, just think about how there’s someone here on the Internet with a freshly made blog, and everything they’re doing is just experiments.

Experiments on what they want to write about, experiments on their header image, experiments on how long of an average post should be for them. Every day for them as they have their new blog is just them trying out new things, figuring out what they want.

And it’s not easy.

So while you read and scroll through those new posts, just take some time and give those new bloggers some credit.

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. Happy late birthday!! I hope you had an amazing day! I loved the discussion,it’s so so true and you are so right! New bloggers need all the support and love that they can get because they have the potential to shine and do great things!

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    1. Thank you!!!!! I sure did, it was filled with cake and fun. Yes, thank you for agreeing! New bloggers never really get the chance that easily to get readers, because people are so focused on reading their usual blogs that they followed. Not much people understand, but if you experience it, you understand.

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  2. Happy belated birthday!! 🎂
    This was a well written post and i have to admit sometimes I may not read a post right away, skipping over it if it doesn’t immediately catch my eye or have a picture etc. Especially when I follow so many blogs and want to keep up with reading. but I have to remember that some of them maybe brand new bloggers still learning and figuring things out. I’ll start to be more considerate of this✨


  3. Happy belated birthday!!! And yes, I agree with you. I see bloggers with amazing discussions and memes, but because I’m a teen in high school (and I have a ton of other things to do outside of the blogosphere), I can’t put so much time into them. Blogging takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it! 🙂


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