My Future JOB?

This post already seems crazy to me, because I’m super indecisive even with the littlest of things, so choosing out a career that I will do when I’m older isn’t the best thing for a girl who’s indecisive to take up. Hold on, let me make it more dramatic- a job that I will do FOREVER, until I retire. (Yep, that’s the  perfect amount of dramatic that I need.)

But I think I’ve decided, at least I’m so sure that I have an idea of it, and I’d like to tell you the story of how I got this idea, and how I learned that I actually wanted to do it. Rather than myself liking it, but being really indecisive about it for a long period of time.


Okay, so before I start the real story, I’d like to tell you a little tidbit of knowledge that’s really important to know, if you want to really fully understand the story.


In like sixth or seventh grade, I can’t really remember, but I remember that it a little while after I had gone to the doctor’s to get the usual checkup. All the other times that I had gone to get checkup’s it was like, “meh, I don’t care for this at all, just get me in and then get me out.” I really didn’t care for the job of a pediatrician, it was just me wanting to get it over with.

And this was at a time where I had to transition and get a new doctor, because it was something about me needing a new doctor, I think it was because of my age or something like that- I don’t particularly know.

And I’m saying this honestly and truly, I still have this doctor now, and she isn’t my favorite. She’s just rude to me, and I think that’s what sparked my liking to want to be a pediatrician at the time- I just wanted to give children a good experience at the doctor’s, make them feel welcomed and have it be like their second home.

But as you know, I got indecisive and just thought to myself no, just telling myself that I couldn’t do it, but we both know that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.


Now, we shall fast forward to yesterday, June 7, 2017.

Yesterday, the school I go to had decided that we go on a little class retreat, just to have us all do some bonding fun, but also some fun individual things because school is ending soon, so they just wanted to have us do some things before summer.

So at this retreat, my teacher who was instructing and leading it had us go and sit in our chairs in a circle together.

She gave us each a Christmas lightbulb, and she has the string that we were to put the lights onto. She told us the instructions, and those were that we had to say something that we want to do can will impact people.

And then my teacher asked me if I wanted to go, and I told her honestly and truly what I wanted to be. A pediatrician, I just really want to be children’s doctor, but not one that kids are afraid of getting shots from and afraid of going to.

I really like kids anyways, so I think that’ll be a good help.

Wait, HEY, GUESS WHAT! For once, I’m not being decisive?

Until next time..


Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. So at school we’re talking about about career fields in LO and my whole life I always knew exactly what I wanted to be even if it was a doctor for 3 minutes and an actress since I was 3. So they say “what do you wanna be when you grow up, reaserch these questions… about it” and up until then I had life figured out I was gonna be the next Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy! It’s funny how you know until you need to know then you don’t know😂❤

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    1. Haha, true!! When I was around five, I stuck to the idea that I wanted to be Market Basket person, who would check out your items you bought. We all have crazy ideas when we are young about what we want to be, until we finally figure it out! 😊

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  2. I feel like the question shouldn’t be ‘what job do you have when you grow-up’ but ‘what jobS’ because on average, people change their job 7 times. I definitely think that a paediatrician is really cool and you should totally try and set your mind to! I obviously want to be an author, but realistically, I HAVE NO IDEA HELP, but I really want to do something with graphic design and coding?

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