A Month in Review: May 2017

As per usual, I am late on writing this. Not much a surprise anymore, is it? But I’m still writing this, so good for me. But before I go any further, you may be just wondering why this is called this, and why it’s not called “May 2017 Monthly”, and that’s because I cannot do that. It’s too uninteresting for me, and I’d wayy much rather talk about what I did this month!

And yeah, that’s what I’m going to be doing, because I’m sure that that would be better for me rather than doing monthly’s and goals, because that doesn’t really entertain me. SO, without further ado, let’s talk about my month.


– What I Did –

  • With the companionship of a friend, I successfully saw a movie with my friend.

My friend and I during Spring Break Watched the movie Smurfs: Lost Island in theaters. And before you go on to say how it’s babyish and it’s for kids- shut your pie-hole. I thought the same thing, that the movie was going to be “lame”. Not at all, I was gripping onto the chair handles in anticipation, because I found it so interesting and I really did enjoy it. So thank you friend, for having the amazing interests of a young child.

  • I went onto the Washington D.C Trip.

You all probably already know this now, and you’re all probably even getting sick of hearing me mention this, and I do not blame you. I promise you that this is the last time I’ll mention it.

But this is just the last time, so.. it was just so fun. Yeah, and that’s about it.

  • Last minute essays and work are now being due.

Not much excitement here, but since the school year is ending, the teachers are trying their hardest to cram in as much tests and essays as possible, because they are trying to get in last minute grades.

And quite frankly, I think that these teachers should go ahead and be teachers, and just have us do these essays and tests over a period of time, instead of throwing tests that are testing us on basically anything, just so we can get a grade in. But it’s their choice, so not my part to say.

  • I went on this field day, on a day when all my friends were unable to attend.

This was so upsetting for me, because when you have nobody to talk to, nobody to interact with, you really just feel alone and bored.

But yes, I did talk to some other kids from other attending schools, and that was okay, but they didn’t hold up a conversation long enough because they wanted to get back to talking with their friends. And plus, I don’t think anybody there could hold up a friendly conversation for a whole day, with a person they rarely knew.

So this was very boring for me, but I’m just super glad that it’s over.

  • Baby Daddy ended.

Even typing this makes me sad, just to read that a show I’ve been watching for a little while is gone. Like why????? Six seasons of pure joy are not enough, 29 seasons; and then I shall be satisfied slightly- only slightly. Just give me about 2000000 more seasons, and then maybe I’ll be ‘okay’.


That’s just all I have for this month, but keep your eyes peeled for next month because I’m going to write down the little things so I can pile them in these posts for you.

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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