Bookish Book Times: Do Books Reviews Define Book Bloggers?


Okay, so I know I’m not a book blogger myself, but as you might know, there was once an active blog called ‘’. And that blog was my younger brother, but you may know him from Bookish Book Times: A Post By None Other Than.. My 10 Year Old Brother!. He used to be a book blogger, but he found that the life of writing review after review, just so he could be considered a book blogger was very boring and not the type of blog that he’d like to in possession of, to be the writer behind.

And as sad as it is to know that he quit blogging because of that, it brought up a very interesting question to myself: Do book reviews define book bloggers?

This question is very hard to answer because the blogging types that you can be are very tightly detailed, with not much room that you can experiment with. I’m not saying that you absolutely cannot experiment with these blogging types, you most definitely can, but it’s just that these things have already been invented.

Book blogger: writes book reviews and talks about anything book related. It’s just common for book bloggers to write book reviews. But here’s the thing, is that what they’re defined as?

And my answer to that is yes. Book bloggers are simply expected to write book reviews, it’s written in the imaginary job description for becoming a book blogger. It’s just expected of them. Lifestyle bloggers, book bloggers, and cooking bloggers. They all have a main thing that readers expect them to write about.

So when you find that book blogger who is a book blogger, but does not write about books, you start to get slightly confused.

“Aren’t they a book blogger, so how come they have no reviews on their page?” Ladies and gentlemen, that is what I like to call a stereotype. It’s not the fact o the types of bloggers, because I certainly do find those helpful. But when you’re tied to a tree of things that you can post, it doesn’t seem so fun anymore. The fact that since you’re this, you can only do, this and this.

So now my answer has changed. It is a yes, and a no.

Yes, because sometimes it’s just expected of those book bloggers to write reviews on books on their blog, just because they are book bloggers. But also, no because it’s not fair that we have to write and post about something just because it’s in the title and the blog that we’ve made for ourselves.


Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.

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  1. Excellent post! So insightful and definitely something that I believe has been on a lot of our, as book bloggers, minds for a long time now: “Am I only a book blogger”.
    As a newbie to the book blogging community, I’m probably not the wises of commenters here, but ever since I have begun my book blog, which has been barely a month ago, I already sort of feel the tension and pressure of living my life according to my blog. With reading books, thinking about books, blogging about books, and commenting on others’ blogs about books I’ve become increasingly aware that I really am now a book blogger and this new “occupation” is increasingly defining me and directing my life. Kind cray cray huh? *eek*
    But don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love books and expressing my thoughts on the books I read with others.
    Happy blogging ! 🙂

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  2. Reviews defining bloggers? That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. SIMPLY BECAUSE, I think they’re actual blog posts (ALL of them, discussions, reviews etc…) should be taken into consideration NOT reviews. Because we hardly do reviews AND reviews are HARD, okay? LIKE TRIPLE DIFFICULT With an extra tough doughnut on top of that with a sprinkle of confusion. Book reviews shouldn’t define a book blogger because heyy
    1)You try writing one (not, you but like in general
    2)THEY POST OTHER STUFF TOO! Reviews aren’t the only thing they survive off
    3) WHY ARE WE DEFINING PEOPLE?? AGAIN, someone remind me.

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    1. I agree! As I said in the post, I’m not even a book blogger myself but I think it’s unfair to them, because it’s hard to write. Yep, don’t forget that sprinkle of confusion, haha. 😀
      Fun fact about me, before I made this blog, I was experimenting with the idea of a book blog and the first thing that I wanted to write was a book review because those seemed fun. Long story short, it was hard and I did not become a book blogger. BUT, BOOK REVIEWS SHOULD NEVER DEFINE THEM.


  3. I don’t think that book reviews define book bloggers. I think that bookish CONTENT defines book bloggers. We’re not called “book review bloggers” — we’re called “book bloggers” because we post ABOUT books, but not necessarily book reviews. However, book reviews are PART of that bookish content, and it comes in the book blogger package. So while it doesn’t define book bloggers entirely, it IS a part of them.

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    1. I agree totally with what you’re saying. But in some eyes of some people I talked to before writing this post, they told me that they thing that book reviews one of the first things that pop into their head when talking about book bloggers. It’s a definite part of it, but it just comes with the whole book package, like you mentioned.

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