Things You Should Know Before Packing for a Road Trip

Okay, so I might just be talking about this so much to the point that you’re all just literally getting annoyed, and are probably yelling at me through the screen to just stop talking about it. But here’s the little problem: I can’t.

It was so fun for me, so obviously I want to share that enjoyment with you all, because why not?

But if you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, it’s my trip I went to last week- Washington D.C!! Last week I went to D.C, but before I went, I ran into a few… mishaps? And I’ll obviously share them, because like.. duh? And you shouldn’t have to go through these as well because it’s not fun.

1. Bring a Blanket.

So you get on the bus and you’re driving, and a few minutes in you start to realize it’s getting slightly cold.

Wherever you go, I don’t even care if it’s Africa and you’re going on a friendly road trip there- which is most likely impossible, but I don’t care because it can be done- chances are that it’ll become cold somehow.

I know, you’ll think like me: It’s obviously going to be warm, I mean it’s May! The weather channel says that the place I am going is going to be warm, so NO BLANKETS NEEDED!! One less thing to pack anyways.

OH no, it’s going to be one more thing that you wished you packed because while everyone else is sitting there all comfy with their blankets and their pillows so they’ll be comfortable on the ride down and back, you’re just there with your one sweater that you wore. But here’s another thing to make it even worse:

Underneath that sweater that you’re wearing, you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt, which just makes it worse because if you take off the sweater your arms will be cold.

That’s just what happened to me at least. But even though I sound like I”m being very melodramatic, I probably am, but it’s still going to be cold and you don’t want to be cold.

OH, and here’s a lovely bus picture.


2. Leave Extra Room In Your Suitcase.

I know that you can’t leave a bunch of space because most likely a lot of that space will be used by the space of your clothing and whatnot, but leave like two inches or more of space because you’ll need it.

I being the over-packer I am, I packed so much that I actually had to do that thing where you sit on top of your suitcase to close it, and even doing that it was still hard to close. And I bought a huge puffy suitcase, and only that thing was enough to break my suitcase zipper, so yay- NOT!

You. Will. Buy. Things.

3. Download Music.

From Spotify, Soundcloud, just anything.

Okay, so here’s the deal. If you have siblings, you’re going to not want to sit next to them and listen to them chatter; especially if they are younger because the younger kids are always more energetic, for some odd reason.

Listen to music, relax. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning will not feel good if you’re cramped up with screaming people, so listen to music to drown that out. Good idea, or not??

4. Just Drink Less Water than Usual.

So I am a very avid water drinker, so hearing that I have to limit my water drinking habits for a week- no. But I have to anyways, if I do not want to have to use the bathroom as we’re driving in the middle of a highway.

Because then, in my situation, I’d have to get up and go all the way to the principal and kindly ask her if she could stop the whole bus so we could go ahead and use the bathroom- and then if she did say yes, which is very unlikely, the whole bus would come to a stop waiting for me, while I use the bathroom.

But see, that’s kind of embarrassing. Just spare yourself the embarrassment and use the bathroom at the occasional rest stops or the lunch stops.

5. Bring LOTS AND LOTS of Food.

Replace that water that you can’t have with food! Great replacement, right?

But don’t pack too much food, because if you’re going with your school then they’ll just bring food because it kind of would be horrible if they just expected all the students to bring buckets filled with food.

But again, if you’re going with your family then just have your family fit some food into your car. It’s easier than having to stuff it in your little carry-on backpack. But if your car has two backseat areas, then one area can be for seating and the other can hold the food you’re going to bring- depending on how long your trip is going to be will depend on how much snacks you’ll need.

6. At the end of your stay, double-check EVERYTHING.

Like even if you have to go into the extra work of writing a packing list, so when you’re leaving the hotel, you can just be sure that everything you brought with you is going home with you.

I am a paranoid person, so last week every night before we went to bed I would basically pack everything back into my suitcase so I’d know that I have everything each and everyday, or I’d be a very angry and even more paranoid person.

Each morning I would repack everything back into my suitcase as well, because I was so worried that one of the maids who cleaned the rooms would steal something of mine because it was messily thrown around- so the logic of mine was to make everything spotless so they can’t go ahead and steal something because it’s lying around.

Good idea.


This post was a lot of words, but I also think it was helpful as well, so that’s a good think it’s a lot of words? I don’t know I just really hope it’s useful to you all.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.






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